Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Freudian Slip

Whilst others 'blog', Nick Griffin plays with his 'column' 

For years the BNP was successfully stalled by the 'no platform' policy of refusing the party any publicity of media. But times have changed. The BNP gained two MEP seats in the last European elections, and are already gearing up for the forthcoming General Election.

The 'no platform' stance has been overtaken by events. Nick Griffin, the chairman of the BNP, has a platform and is using it at every opportunity to preach the negative BNP view of life in modern Britain, a view that aggravates suspicion and division between communities, a view that causes serious problems instead of offering viable solutions.

The 'no platform' position has gone, but this means more people can find out about BNP arguments, and can see for themselves how the BNP arguments are so flawed. The more people who see this, the better.

So by all means visit the BNP site, and examine the BNP manifesto, starting with its exclusive and racist criteria for membership and continuing through its immoral and unworkable policies such as the repatriation of non-whites and bringing all troops home to police our borders and streets against any signs of dissent.
Women, marvel at the BNP view that unemployment could be solved at a stroke if we left the workplace to minister to our menfolk at home. Kids, wonder at the BNP opinions on your education and how the BNP would return to the bad old days of majority failure at the cane-wielding hands of a rigid and authoritarian teaching system.

Recoil at the cruelty that underlines so much of what passes for BNP policy. The BNP revels in self-serving theories of race that claim the superiority of BNP members to many other British citizens.

Surely Freud would be interested in the fundamental anxiety that must lie behind such claims.
These are the theories that 'give permission' to BNP members to act the way they do in their sadistic behaviour towards fellow human beings who do not share the 'white, indigenous' background that membership of the BNP insists upon. Or who are female.

So by all means have a critical look at what the leadership of the BNP has to say in their 'blogs'.

Follow the inanities, the attempts to ingratiate, the sense of grievance, the rage, and most of all the flaccid flip-flopping of policy adjustment, as the BNP struggles to conceal its fundamental fascism under the veneer of respectability.

No wonder the Chairman devotes so much time and energy on his 'column'.

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