Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Britain First chased out of Stevenage by Royal Anglian Regiment

From EDL News by Gary Hasting:

There is fresh embarrassment for paramilitary fascist organisation, Britain First, after they tried to hijack a Freedom of the Town ceremony dedicated to the Royal Anglian Regiment and were marched out of the town this afternoon.

The regiment marched through Stevenage after returning from a tour of Afghanistan and were being honoured by locals when Britain First turned up and started handing out their hate literature.

According to eyewitnesses, a couple of Anglian marchers told the leafletters in no uncertain terms where to go, then it all got a bit heated and one Britain First activist was given a slap. Soon afterwards two large men took their leaflets off them and told them to sling their hook.

A Facebook user asked Britain First what happened today on their Facebook page but the post was deleted.

Last week the Anglians politely asked Britain First to remove their photos from their Facebook page, Britian First refused and deleted their request without replying.

Britain First have spent the last few weeks raising money for Christian extremist and Britain First founder, Jim Dowson, by setting up stalls that look identical to Help for Heroes and pocketing cash people thought was going to Armed Forces Charities.

Last February a WWII veteran took them to task when they were caught scamming pensioners in Eastbourne. Story here and video here.

With thanks to Exposing Britain First

Best Moments of Antiques Roadshow at UEA

From The Tab Norwich by Maisie Anteney-Tipper:

The UEA graced the nation’s screens on Antiques Roadshow (broadcast in January). Here’s our 10 favourite moments

De dum, de dum, de dum, de dum… we know you’re humming the Antiques Roadshow Theme Tune already. This week, it graced our glorious campus, and we’ve picked out our best moments.

1. This 1950′s kitchen set

It’s better than any kitchen in Norfolk Terrace…this guy chooses to keep it in his garage.

2. This cabinet collection of crazy canaries

Have you ever seen a better display of Norwich pride? This man also had a booootiful accent to match

3. This man’s beard

Undoubtedly a priceless antique in itself

4. This man serenading us with…something
He found this trumpet in the desert in Afghanistan. Sing along if you know the words!

5. This death mask

Not many universities can claim their Vice-Chancellor owns Gladstone’s death mask.

6. This pricey bird
This tiny bird statue was valued at £5000 – that’s over 3000 LCR j├Ągerbombs!

7. This lady’s terrifying toy box

As if your essay deadlines weren’t giving you nightmares already. These lovely ladies include real human hair wigs and were valued at over £1,500

8. This near-catastrophic accident
Just after being valued at over £300 each, the smaller dolls in the collection were knocked over! Could have made a nice find for a loan-struck student.

9. This masterpiece
Who needs an art department when you’ve got masking tape?

10. And of course the best moment…getting to see our beautiful campus in all its summery glory

If you missed Antiques Roadshow don’t panic – click here for some clips

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Norwich Cathedral peregrine falcons webcam superstars

From the BBC:

A webcam set up to watch peregrine falcons living on a cathedral tower in Norfolk attracted 100,000 visitors a day over the breeding season and that amounted to nearly four million views.

The Hawk and Owl Trust set up the camera at Norwich Cathedral in 2011 and 10 chicks have fledged in that time.

The technology improved this year and more people logged on to see the camera footage, the trust said.

Over 88 days from 17 March viewers saw 3,568,265 three-minute sessions.

High-speed crash

This number of three-minute viewing sessions was 71% higher than in 2013.

Nigel Middleton, from the trust, said: 
At the peak over the first 10 days of June people were seeing over 100,000 views per day.

During the whole period we served video to around 112,000 unique addresses, some 35% higher than 2013 with 87% of viewers from the UK, 3% from the USA and 1.6% from Spain.

The remaining 8.4% were distributed over at least six continents.
Web traffic started to rocket in March when the first egg of 2014 arrived
All four of the brood fledged but two chick died once leaving the nest.

This year, four chicks fledged but two died, one as a result of a high-speed accident when it crashed in a wall near the nest site.

A survey of breeding peregrines in the UK - the sixth to be carried out since 1961 - is currently under way by the British Trust for Ornithology, which is based in Thetford.

Experts say peregrine numbers have recovered from the detrimental effects of pesticides in the 1950s and 1960s. In 2002 their numbers reached a high of 1,492 occupied territories but at that time there were none in East Anglia.

Monday, 28 July 2014

WWI at The Forum Monday 4th August

The Day We Went To War

FREE event at The Forum

The Day We Went To War

Monday 4 August 2014

10am - 6pm

On 4 August 1914 Britain declared war on Germany and entered into a dreadful conflict which changed the world forever.

Exactly 100 years later a FREE event is being held at The Forum to reflect upon the sacrifices made by soldiers, civilians and communities.

Visitors to this one day exhibition can ‘take the King’s shilling’ at a recruiting office, discover how to research their family military history, view wartime documents, letters, posters, photos and much more.

Roll of Honour

The Fusion Screen will show the Norwich Roll of Honour, in memory of the 3,500 Norwich people who lost their lives in WW1.

The names will be displayed on the screen throughout the day and into the evening. The space will provide an opportunity to remember those lost and for quiet reflection.

A memorial wall will be in the main Atrium of The Forum where people can post the name of a family member who served in the war.

Lord Mayor

The Norwich town crier will officially start the day’s events at The Forum at 10am and The Lord Mayor, Councillor Judith Lubbock, will be attending too.

The Day We Went To War is an event organised by Norfolk Library and Information Service, the Norfolk Museums and Archaeology Service, the Norfolk Record Office and The Forum.

Other WW1 events

This historic anniversary will be marked in a variety of ways in Norwich.

Lights will be dimmed across the city centre at 10.30pm and a candle lit service is being held at St Peter Mancroft, opposite The Forum, from 11pm until midnight.

More details of what’s going on around the city on Mon 4 Aug can be found at the Visit Norwich website.

Photos from Norfolk Record Office