Thursday, 26 September 2013

Another threat from Ipswich EDL

The Ipswich EDL destroyed plans for a Love Music Hate Racism gig envisioned by some aspirational teenagers in Ipswich. 

EDL members even took gloating group photographs beside signs announcing the cancelled event - 

One great outcome, however, has been that several more Ipswich youngsters have come together in order to plan another Love Music Hate Racism event.

This is partly to show the Ipswich EDL that local people will not be intimidated and bullied.

It is also designed to showcase local talent and to offer the community an evening of fun in a safe environment.  

The plan is still being formulated in private, for obvious reasons, but the event will be publicised when the time is ripe.

In the meantime the Ipswich EDL has got wind of these plans. The response was not long in coming, this time from someone called Keith Ginge Jason Bowers, apparently an organiser of Ipswich EDL.  

The message itself is almost incoherent, but if this is indeed a real message, there is some underlying menace:

From Exposetweets @exposetweets:


Yes, the local EDL did invite a local Muslim leader to march with them.  But Manwar Ali says he was "naive".  Maybe "used" would be a better word.  

He reached this conclusion not because of threats from the UAF, SWP, or any Dark Forces, but rather through his own observation that there is difference between what the EDL says and does officially and what the EDL says and does unofficially.

Point of information from EADT24:

Ipswich: Islamic leader would not walk with EDL again

The leading Ipswich community leader who joined members of the EDL in a procession to the town’s Cenotaph earlier this month said his move was “politically naive.”

Earlier this month Manwar Ali, the chief executive of Islamic charity Jimas, and other Muslims joined a small group of far-right protesters who walked from the town centre to the Cenotaph in Christchurch Park to lay wreaths in memory of Drummer Lee Rigby who died in Woolwich.

The news of the walk travelled around the country, but did attract criticism from some Islamic and anti-fascist organisations.

Now Mr Ali has said he would not take part in a walk with the EDL again – but still felt it was right to try to open a dialogue with them.

He said: 
When you look at what the leaders of the organisation say, and what the local people who came along feel, they are different. 
In hindsight I would not do this again – but I do think it was right to show respect to Lee Rigby and his family.

Mr Ali has correctly identified the difference between what the EDL say and what they do.

For example, the Ipswich EDL calls itself "non-violent" and then Keith Ginge Jason Bowers sends a threatening message such as the one above.

The Ipswich EDL calls itself "non-racist", but it closed down an anti-racist gig and threatens to close down the next anti-racist gig.

The confused members of Ipswich EDL obviously have major issues to resolve.  

More about Love Music Hate Racism

From YouTube:

Love Music, Hate Racism in the 1950s

The direct precursor to Rock Against Racism and today's Love Music Hate Racism campaign was the Stars Campaign for Inter-Racial Friendship, founded in 1959 to combat the activities of the White Defence League (sic) in London's Notting Hill. The chairman of the Stars Campaign for Inter-Racial Friendship was the musician Johnny Dankworth, and members included the gorgeous mixed-race actress and singer Cleo Laine, Tommy Steele, Lonnie Donegan and Humphrey Lyttelton, and the founder was the Anti-Fascist folk singer Karl Dallas.

Highlights of this clip include the iconic image of the black NHS nurse walking past the barricaded shop-front of the White Defence League - neatly illustrating why Britain did NOT need people like the WDL - and Cleo Laine discussing how Fascists would have to repatriate her to her birthplace in... Middlesex.

The White Defence League was founded by veteran British Nazi and posh twat Colin Jordan . . .

The WDL failed to achieve anything and merged with another Fascist group to form the first British National Party in 1960. Jordan was jailed for founding a paramilitary group with fellow Nazi uniform creep and Adolf Hitler impersonator John Tyndall, before Tyndall and Jordan had a tiff, and Tyndall hooked-up with the openly gay racist Martin Webster in the National Front. 

The NF split in 1980 and John Tyndall led a faction, originally called the New National Front, which Tyndall re-christened with the same name as the old BNP. Today Tyndall's BNP is run by Martin Webster's alleged former boyfriend Nick Griffin.

Colin Jordan was elected "World F├╝hrer" at a Nazi conference in 1962* but one of Jordan's few real achievements was being punched by the future Chancellor of the Exchequer Denis Healey during a Fascist attack on a Labour Party meeting in 1965. Jordan is most "famous" however for founding a wannabe Nazi street army called the British Movement, which fell into terminal pointlessness after Jordan was arrested for stealing women's underwear from a branch of Tesco.

Ipswich EDL "don't call us racist" spoilsports closed down a Love Music Hate Racism gig in Ipswich.  And yet they claim to be against racism themselves!  

The following Youtube clips are for the EDL "secret racists" to consider: 

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

WWII bomb found in rubble at Burgh Castle quarry

From the BBC:

The 60lb bomb went through a rubble-sorting machine twice but had no detonator

A World War II bomb passed through a rubble sorter before it was discovered at a Norfolk quarry, managers said.

A bomb disposal team has carried out a controlled explosion on the device, an armour-piercing rocket with no detonator, police said.

It was found at Folkes Plant and Aggregate's site at Burgh Castle near Great Yarmouth, on Monday.

The device was brought to the quarry in rubble and went through the sorting machine twice, the quarry manager said.

A bomb disposal team from RAF Wittering in Cambridgeshire detonated the 60lb (27kg) bomb on Monday afternoon.

Manager Kevin Lee said he did not know where the bomb had originally come from.

"So many lorries come here that unless we saw it being unloaded there is no way we would know where it came from," he said.

"It had no fins or nose cone and these may have come off in the sorting machine.

"But the bomb disposal expert said it was safe as there was no detonator but it certainly made a loud noise when it exploded.

"He did not want to take it off the site so that was why the controlled explosion was carried out here."

East Anglian EDL gets it wrong, again

East Anglian EDL is getting concerned about the recent terror attacks in - Nigeria? 

Okay, in the wake of the atrocities in Nigeria. With 67 confirmed victims, a number which is expected to rise, we're going to be discussing the threat of Islamist extremism globally and how this affects us in the UK. I would ask that this remain a tolerant and reasonable debate, welcoming to any perspectives. EDL affiliated or not.

Nairobi massacres, the continuation of a dangerous trend? Or another isolated incident, carried out by madmen brainwashed to kill?

Oh for goodness sake, just check before posting.  It's only been in the News for much of the week.


Tuesday, 24 September 2013

"Non-violent" EDL

Sensible adults can disagree without threatening to kill one another.  

Don't like the full face veil?  Fine, neither do I, but there are ways to express that opinion without threatening death. Unless you follow the EDL.

This is how EDL followers get it wrong time after time.  If they disagree, they reach for the nearest weapon and hurt someone.  Luckily for the rest of us that is usually another EDL follower.  


EDL supporter calls for shooting at Muslims, on FB

An EDL supporter, angry about “the islamification of our country” calls for people on the English Defence League’s page to shoot at Muslims. For that he gets ‘Likes’ rather than having the comment deleted.

What’s ironic is that he doesn’t even live in the UK, having moved to Thailand permanently. Link to the comment (via @exposetweets)

Of course, EDL supporters are not violent at all.

(Sarcasm alert for all EDL readers).

Monday, 23 September 2013

Why "Love Music, Hate Racism" in Ipswich?

Enthusiastic Ipswich youngsters explained why they wanted to bring some musical fun to Ipswich in this interview, recorded before the gig was cancelled (click on PLAY below). The event was called off after threats from the Ipswich EDL. 

In particular the idealistic youngsters wanted to make the point that racism was not welcome in Ipswich.  

How strange then that the self-described "non-racist" Ipswich EDL closed them down!  

The fans of "Love Music Hate Racism" are pictured below. (The photograph is already circulating on the East Anglian EDL boards). 

They look pleasant enough, very youthful, like a fresh teenage boy band with a sixteen year-old girl.  Not many would find them threatening -

And yet for some reason they frightened the wits out of the Ipswich EDL.

In an article the East Anglian EDL aggressively asks "Who are the Ipswich UAF?".  It is difficult to understand what exactly the article means. 

The East Anglian EDL is so jumpy and paranoid it gets even the simplest of facts wrong.  For example, the article states:
I was really disappointed to hear that not one of the folk interviewed had the first idea of why the UAF march had taken place. 
The UAF marched because, on Saturday 1 June, The English Defence League walked to the war memorial to pay their respects to Drummer Lee Rigby, murdered in Ipswich,
How can you argue with anyone making such fundamental mistakes?  Leaving aside the fact that Lee Rigby was not murdered in Ipswich, this EDL clown pretends to know the secret motivations of others.  

Psychic?  Mad? 

The EDL thinks everyone who opposes the EDL must be far, far left or members of the Unite Against Fascism group, or both.

Well, I've got news for the EDL.  Not all who oppose their politics of hatred and division fit into this simple world view.

Some of us are apolitical, but recognise and deplore the dangerous extremism within the EDL.

Some of us remember our parents and grandparents fighting fascism in Europe and are determined to keep up the fight against wicked demonisation and hatred of "the other".

Some of us see yet another scam artist pitilessly exploiting the fears and anger of vulnerable people, feeding those fears and that anger whilst trousering the profits, and some of us want to send a warning against profiteering rabble-rousers.

And some of us, like those below, are young idealists who simply wanted to stand up against racism and have some innocent musical fun whilst doing so.   

From Audioboo:

Young people in Ipswich on why a Love Music-Hate Racism gig is needed....

Here is the interview  Play

Interview by JournoJon

And here are the cowardly spoil-sports of Ipswich EDL:

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Commemorating a racist murder

Needless Murder of Ross Parker widened definition of anti-racism

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopaedia:

Ross Parker (17 August 1984 – 21 September 2001), from Peterborough, East Anglia was a 17-year-old English male murdered in an unprovoked racially motivated crime. 

He was stabbed to death and beaten with a hammer by a gang of youths of Pakistani background who were seeking a white male to attack. The incident occurred ten days after the 11 September attacks.

In December 2002, Shaied Nazir, Ahmed Ali Awan, and Sarfraz Ali were all found guilty of Parker's murder in unanimous verdicts and sentenced to life imprisonment, receiving minimum terms ranging from 16 to 18 years. A fourth defendant, Zairaff Mahrad, was cleared of murder and manslaughter.

Parker's murder is cited as an example of the lack of attention the media and society give to white targets of racist attacks compared to the coverage given to attacks on ethnic minorities, with organisations such as the BBC and some newspaper journalists later admitting failing to cover the case sufficiently. 

It is also suggested the case demonstrates how society has been forced to redefine racism so as to no longer exclude white victims.


The media was criticised for their lack of coverage of the Ross Parker case in comparison to similar racist murders occurring in the UK, such as the case of Anthony Walker and that of Stephen Lawrence. The BBC later admitted that "it was a mistake not to report the case of Ross Parker more extensively", noting the "stark" parallels with the Walker case though also suggesting the story had been "squeezed out" by other news such as a conviction of the killer of Danielle Jones. However it was noted that in hindsight that the crime was "worthy of coverage" "by any standards".

Yasmin Alibhai-Brown and Kelvin MacKenzie expressed similar sentiments, with the latter criticising newspapers including his own employer, The Sun.

Others have noted that the lack of coverage is not simply a media issue. Peter Fahy, the spokesman on race issues for the Association of Chief Police Officers stated: 

A lot of police officers and other professionals feel almost the best thing to do is to try and avoid [discussing such attacks] for fear of being criticised. This is not healthy. 
Montague suggests the lack of police appeals in cases involving white victims may be a cause of the lack of media coverage.

The newspaper which did cover the case more extensively faced some criticism. The Government office for the East of England produced a report by Dr Roger Green examining race relations in Peterborough. The document suggested that the Peterborough Evening Telegraph had a history of insensitivity and coverage of the case was "possibly adding to any climate of racial and communal unrest". The criticism of the paper was rejected by a senior police officer and an Asian community leader, both of whom praised its handling of the case.


Parker's murder lead to increased racial tensions in Peterborough. There were problems at Parker's school where three Asian pupils were suspended for an attack on a pupil. A number of taxi firms stopped work early in the days after the attack in fear of reprisals. In November 2001 Home Secretary David Blunkett banned all marches in Peterborough for three months as it was feared violence would be caused by the Anti-Nazi League and National Front who both sought to hold protests on the same day.

Parker's death also had a major impact on his family. His mother, Davinia, was unable to work for three months after Parker's funeral and came close to attempting suicide on a number of occasions. Parker's room was left untouched even a year after the incident, with his parents unable to bring themselves to tidy it, describing it as a place they "feel close to Ross".

As a result of the murder of Parker, local authorities set up a unity scheme, whereby gang members from different communities were trained as youth workers in order to ease racial tensions and reduce violence. However, some problems still persisted, with racist graffiti painted near the murder scene two years after the incident reading "no go area for whites", "Paki powa" and "death to whites".

Some, such as Mark Easton cite the Parker case as demonstrating how society has been forced to redefine racism and discard the erroneous definition of "prejudice plus power" – a definition which had only allowed ethnic minorities to be victims. 

Others such as Alibhai-Brown condemned the double standards of racial equality campaigners in relation to the case, suggesting black activists should "march and remember victims like Ross Parker", stating "our values are worthless unless all victims of these senseless deaths matter equally". She went on to write that "to treat some victims as more worthy of condemnation than others is unforgivable and a betrayal of anti-racism itself".

The 39th Grand Henham Steam Rally 

By kind permission of the Sixth Earl of Stradbroke

21st and 22nd September 2013
10am - 6pm
Henham Park, near Southwold, Suffolk

A great day out for all the family!

Friday, 20 September 2013

EDL finances lack transparency

Is Tommy Robinson gambling his supporters donations?

From EDL News by Gary Hasting:

For all the squealing about being broke and not having any money, leader of the English Defence, Tommy Robinson, has certainly lived the playboy lifestyle this week.

In the same day, Robinson was thrown out of posh department store, Selfridges, he was later in the day, thrown out of a casino.

This afternoon it was revealed that Robinson and his mate started the argument in the department store, by being rude to a Muslim employee and then whipping out the video camera, immediately uploading it up to YouTube when he was refused service, leading to Trousergate and free food from the department store.

The whole thing is now appearing to be a set up for a tacky publicity stunt, leading to the employee in question getting threats of violence from EDL supporters.

Above: Threats on the EDL Facebook wall to break employees jaw.

It has emerged this afternoon that Robinson had won £2000 before the casino realised that his name was on a national register for troublemakers realting to an undisclosed incident some years earlier. He was allowed to keep the £2000 but yesterday inferred on Twitter that he went there because it is free entry.

MK Casino told the Evening Standard that 
Tommy Robinson visited the Casino MK on Monday. He ended up winning over £1500 which requires players to show proof of ID. He didn't have that on him, so he came back the following day with the ID."
That's when he came up on a national register of barred players. We keep a register of people who are not allowed to come into casinos for whatever reason.
According to the Evening Standard, the figure was more like £2000 and he was allowed to eventually keep it.

This afternoon we revealed that their web media team had managed to publish all their donor names online after a change to their website donations system two weeks ago.

There are already over 250 donors listed on there in the space of a couple of weeks which would amount to a tidy sum.

It has long been suspected that the English Defence League is a money making scheme to allow the leadership to live the high life, and their guiliable supporters are funding it.

For a man who is broke and begging for money on a daily basis, he is increasingly coming across as a middle class conman.

With a wife and three kids to support on what he claims is his allowance of £200 a week he sure makes his money stretch.

We ask the question all EDL members should be asking him, where is the transparency Tommy?

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Persona non grata

EDL leader told to leave new city casino

The leader of the English Defence League was asked to leave the city’s newly opened casino after he was identified as a national troublemaker.

Tommy Robinson’s undignified exit from the Casino MK at Xscape had nothing to do with his far right politics though.

The only reason sharp-eyed staff recognised him was that his face appears on the industry’s national ‘ barred’ register of people involved in “serious incidents” in casinos.

A Casino MK spokesman said: 
An incident with Mr Robinson had occurred a number of years ago in a casino run by a different operator. We do not allow customers who are ‘nationally barred’ to play in our casino.
The incident, which was promptly tweeted by Mr Robinson, came just hours after he hit national headlines by complaining that he was refused service at the Selfridges store in London.

Selfridges has disciplined the member of staff who refused to serve Mr Robinson and apologised with a free gourmet meal in their champagne bar.

Casino MK has no such plans for appeasement and Mr Robinson has now removed his Twitter comment.

Legends in their own minds III

The Fantasy:

Ivan Humble, East Anglian EDL organiser from the Lowestoft area and regular face at EDL demonstrations "jokingly" suggested nuclear weapons be deployed against Argentina to settle the Falklands issue:

Like each and every member of the EDL gang, Ivan Humble likes to fantasise that he is a real "Hard Man".

The Reality:

Ivan Humble, seventh from left, one of twelve East Anglian EDL bully boys proud to be photographed after threatening a sixteen year-old girl in Ipswich to cancel her "Love Music, Hate Racism" gig.

And Ivan Humble snapped at the very moment he tried to snatch a camera from my hands on 20th July this year.

So who exactly are you defending England from, Ivan?  

Teenage girls and old bloggers?

Monday, 16 September 2013

Shamed EDL claim victory over girl of sixteen

See previous post for background: 

How sweet it is to crush the idealism of a school girl.  

According to the East Anglian EDL, Ipswich division.  

A teenager who hoped to have fun and raise funds by staging a "Love Music, Hate Racism" gig with her teenage friends and other volunteers could not go ahead due to threats from the Ipswich English Defence League.  The event was cancelled for fear of violence, as described by the IpswichSpy.

The EDL Ipswich goons saw idealism, hard work and initiative and they destroyed it because they did not understand it.

A fun musical evening was cancelled thanks to this hateful gang, and the youngsters who planned such a harmless and friendly community event have had a shocking set back. 

Celebratory photograph outside the cancelled gig taken from Mark Scragg's FB with Matthew BonnerLiam Thfc DicksonMark ScraggGinge Bowers, Micheal Smith, Shane Edlforlife Willmott and Sam Black.

But the teenagers will survive their disappointment, they will learn from it and they will go on to bigger and better things.

The same cannot be said for these sad losers of the Ipswich EDL, forever stamped as craven bullies who cannot even recognise what they are.

Ivan Humble of East Anglian EDL "organisation" (seventh from left, above), scrambled to distance himself from Ipswich EDL 

Ivan 'ncfc' Humble of course i will condemn any threats that are made, but there were no threats made when we were there and the pub was already closed when we arrived....

So that's alright then.

Ipswich thugs crash anti-racist gig

From Ipswich Spy by Ben Redsell:

The Love Music, Hate Racism gig was supposed to have been held in the Steamboat Tavern.Thuggish threats from a violent extremist organisation caused the closure of a successful Ipswich pub, as well as the cancellation of a music event organised by a 16 year old girl.

The Love Music, Hate Racism charity gig was supposed to take part on Sunday afternoon in the Steamboat Tavern, and was organised in response to the EDL demonstrations in Ipswich during the summer.

The gig was supposed to be an afternoon of music to celebrate anti-racism, with more than a dozen bands and performers confirmed. At least 65 people were expected to attend, with organisers hoping for many more.

The organisers told BBC Radio Suffolk that it was important young people take a stand against the far right. Lauren explained she had been on the Multiculturalism March earlier in the year: 
We had a good turn out, from everyone, and unfortunately there were quite a few EDL supporters. It was dramatic, it was something I didn’t think could happen in such a small town like we’ve got in Ipswich. I was at the front of the march and I had the megaphone, and it was loud and we got into the centre of town and the EDL were shouting at us all and it really made me really angry.
So that was one of the reasons that we decided to do this gig. We could do marches but a gig is something a bit more personal, something that everyone can get involved with. 
She agreed that it attracts a different audience as well. 
I hate to say it but a lot of people who saw the march, younger people, not many got involved with that, but this is a great way for everyone in our generation to get involved and make a stand.
A dozen EDL supporters who successfully closed an Ipswich business
and prevented a music event organised by a 16 year old girl

However a small group of protestors from the English Defence League arrived at the pub and the threats of violence caused the event to be cancelled and the pub to be closed. 

The group of a dozen EDL members then posed outside the pub, before posting a photo of them and their football hooligan style flag on a facebook page for the “East Anglian Division” of the EDL, saying:
1-0 to the EastAnglian Edl the UAF gig at the Steam Boat Tavern was cancelled today, see how they like it! EastAnglianEDL NSE!
Ipswich Spy was unable to contact the Steamboat Tavern for comment yesterday, but local Borough Council Leader, David Ellesmere, told us that he was in contact with the Chief Constable, Douglas Paxton, as well as Suffolk’s Police and Crime Commissioner, Tim Passmore. Some queried on Twitter how such a small number of people bent on disruption could cause law abiding citizens to be afraid to carry on their peaceful lives, when surely it was the role of the police to prevent threatening behaviour from interfering with those who were abiding the law.

Local people expressed their revulsion that this group of a dozen people could prevent law abiding citizens from enjoying music in a local Ipswich pub, with some taking to social media to express their shock and anger.

One local DJ wrote 
I am disgusted with what has happened tonight, the EDL have made violent threats against a gig that was supporting a charity that aimed to spread a message about raising the profile on racial equality. I cannot begin to put into words how angry I am and how ignorant and pathetic their actions are, I just know the damage has already been done as the gig is no longer taking place and the acts that were playing have been told to stay put for their own safety.
Ipswich Borough Councillor Glen Chisholm, who is also a trustee of the Ipswich and Suffolk Council for Racial Equality and a member of the Police and Crime Panel, took to Twitter to express his sadness that the event had been cancelled:

Shame that Love music hate racism gig in ipswich has been cancelled because of EDL threats,unity is the way forward,we can't let hate win
Meanwhile a supporter of the gig wrote
The LOVE MUSIC HATE RACISM gig may have been cancelled today, but the support received for it is greater than any force of the EDL. They can only use violence to voice their ignorant, uneducated opinions but anti-racism will come back fighting harder and eventually, the scum of the EDL will have no power in our society. A day of celebrating good culture may now be ruined, but it has only made us more determined to stop these pathetic cretins having a say in our community.
The gig organisers announced on twitter that the cancellation had made the fight for anti-racism stronger.

Ipswich Spy says

We can’t allow any group to spread intolerance among our local communities. Serious questions will have to be answered by the police as to why they stood by and allowed this event to be intimidated. The EDL will have to look to themselves as to why they intimidated a strong local business into closing its doors. We hope that Lauren isn’t put off by this intimidation and that the event will go ahead. Maybe the Borough Council can offer some support to ensure that extremism cannot win here in Ipswich. We’re proud of our tolerant attitudes. Lauren deserves all credit for trying to organise this event.


So once again the EDL prove to be hate-filled racist thugs who want to impose their twisted political views upon the community by force.

Just look at them as they unfurl their flag in revelry at their success in bullying a sixteen year-old girl into closing down a fun evening!  Let's hope the Police take notice of each and every gurning bully-boy mug.

Just who is the East Anglian English Defence League defending if not sixteen year-old girls like Lauren, full of enthusiasm, initiative, hard work and community spirit?

A magnificent own-goal by the out-of-control East Anglian EDL.

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Heritage Open Days begins!

Welcome to this year's Heritage Open Days, which runs from today Thursday 12th - Sunday 15th September, with over 200 free events celebrating the county’s fantastic heritage for everyone to enjoy.

Over the next 4 days, check out Heritage Open Days starts today! open buildings, guided tours and walks, exhibitions and performances across Norwich, Thetford, South Norfolk, Broadland, Great Yarmouth and further afield. There's plenty to see and do across the long heritage weekend with lots of drop-in activities and open buildings.

Pick up the events brochure in cultural venues, tourist information centres, libraries, post offices, cafes and shops across Norfolk, or download the brochure or browse events from

If you're out and about visiting Heritage Open Days sites, don't forget to share your visits and photos with us via social media - follow us on Twitter and share using the hashtags #NorwichHODS and #NorfolkHODS, on Facebook, Vine, Instagram andGoogle+.

Sunday, 8 September 2013

The EDL in London

Prompted an unintended but most welcome possibility:

Photo by Ann Nicholls from Norwich

And were completely out shone by the English Disco Lovers - Norwich Division:

Absolutely fabulous, darling:

Photo by Ann Nicholls from Norwich

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

EDL upset

The Metrolopolitan Police have restricted the range of the EDL's proposed march in Tower Hamlets on Saturday, almost certainly hoping to avoid direct confrontations and violence between the EDL and the people they are protesting about.

 EDL members do not like this one little bit:

Our own East Anglian EDL reacted as follows:

1Like ·  · 

Other comments here, including the ominous suggestion: 

You could take a few lessons from the IRA.  

EDL Not Allowed To March In Tower Hamlets

From HOPE not hate by Simon Cressy:

The Metropolitan Police have told the English Defence League that they will not be allowed to enter Tower Hamlets this weekend.

The EDL had planned to march from London Bridge to Whitechapel Road, however the police have told them that their march poses a real threat of disorder.

They are now only permitted a restricted march in an area away from the borough and will only be allowed half an hour to hold a static protest in Aldgate.

The march has to follow a defined route, starting south of Tower Bridge, along The Minories and Aldgate High Street and not go beyond the corner of Mansell Street.

Chief Superintendent Jim Read said: 
The communities have made it clear to us the impact that groups expressing extreme views has upon them. We have listened to those concerns, and we will keep working with all our communities.We accept that the EDL, and any counter protest group, have a right to protest. That right must be balanced against the right of people to go about their day without fear of violence, disorder or disruption.
These conditions prevent EDL from entering the heart of Tower Hamlets, residential areas and religious premises which would have been unnecessarily intimidating and likely to cause disorder and disruption.
A counter demonstration is also being allowed to take place in Whitechapel.