Tuesday, 9 February 2010

BNP Policies Would Ruin Britain

The BNP complain that it is "lefties" who criticise them the most, but this is completely untrue. BNP policies alarm just as many who are right of centre. For example, the right-leaning There's Nothing British About the BNP have an on-going series of articles that are highly critical of the BNP.

Nothing British are currently running an excellent Policy Focus series looking at the real implications of BNP policies. It is well worth clicking on any title that interests you below to see how Nothing British has framed specfic objections to specific BNP policies.

As Nothing British states: The BNP are not just wrong on race.

Policy Focus #1: Why the BNP’s tariffs could cost £1,300 per person
Policy Focus # 2: Why the BNP’s manufacturing plan would lose 8 million jobs
Policy Focus #3: Why closing the City could cost you £1000
Policy Focus #4: Why foreign companies are good for British workers
Policy Focus # 5: How the BNP would return us to an era of rationing
Policy Focus #6: Tax breaks for the rich, tax hikes for the poor
Policy Focus #7: How the BNP would double your shopping bill
Policy Focus #8: The BNP’s five policies to make food more expensive
Policy Focus #9: How the BNP would increase fuel poverty
Policy Focus #10: How the BNP’s policies would hit ordinary British families
Policy Focus #11: How the BNP’s immigration policy would destroy Britain’s economy
Policy Focus #12: How the BNP’s immigration policies would turn Britain into a dystopian state
See also:
Defence: How the BNP would make Britain less safe (PDF)
Mr Griffin goes to Copenhagen: Analysis of the BNP’s environmental policies (PDF)

Any political party that unites the right, the left and all the others in condemnation must have something seriously wrong with it.

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