Wednesday, 29 May 2013

EDL plans opportunistic march in Dereham this Saturday

Someone is organising a "walk of respect" in Dereham for the late Drummer Lee Rigby.  

On the face of it nothing wrong with local people expressing national outrage at the vile murder of one of our soldiers.  But look again and an uglier motive of EDL promotion and self-aggrandisement appears, along with attempts to deceive the public about the true nature of this "walk of respect".

EDL thug Sam Burgess (notorious in Norwich for being in a gang that attempted to intimidate young women working at a fast food outlet) is the one who has created this event on Facebook.
Sam Burgess as posed on Facebook
Nowhere on the event promotional page does Burgess mention that this is planned as an EDL march, although admittedly the instructions not to drink before the event do offer a clue.  

When an active EDL member organises a public march, and invites his EDL pals, then he should be truthful about it being an EDL event as a basic courtesy to members of the public.

This is the advertisement for the event, which testifies to Burgess' slapdash lack of respect in every spelling mistake and grammatical error:
SPREAD THE WORD!!! We will be having a walk in Dereham for one of our fallen hero's who was brutally killed in Woolwich last week. We will also be laying flowers and reefs to show our support. Meet time is 12.15pm and the march is at 1 pm please spread the word and get to dereham to show your support for this hero, Bring your flowers to lay at the memorial and bring st George/union jack flags. We don't want anyone drinking prior to this walk or any chanting, just a nice peaceful walk.
MEETING PLACE- We are meeting at Dereham Library
Address: 59, High Street, Dereham, NR19 1DZ at 12-15 PM
Can everyone please come and show there support, bring your familes and kids. Its a day to remember for everyone!
It seems the local EDL is cynically exploiting the brutal murder of Drummer Lee Rigby, in order to gain support for their hateful and divisive political agenda.

Norfolk people are not so easily hoodwinked by the far right.  Just as the well-respected charity the Help for Heroes rejected EDL support as politically motivated, then so this local EDL exercise must be shown for what it is, a blatant attempt to gain political support for a violent far right movement through acts of opportunism and deceit.

Sam Burgess with a much-criticised EDL poster
As an aside, this is the same "respectful"  Sam Burgess who wrote about our fine City:
ERRRRRRRRRR so many skets about in Norwich! get out my city you slags! 
According to this article in the Independent, the word sket meaning "sluttish", is Jamaican in origin.  Chew that irony over.

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  1. Chew the irony of what? Are u calling him racist? and if you are how can u justify that?. Sket is a sket you idiot a lot of young people say that word. Heres a word for you, VILLAGE. For being trually 1 big Village idiot