Saturday, 20 July 2013

EDL East Anglia division’s plans for Birmingham trouble

From Searchlight by Gerry Gable:

Searchlight recently monitored plans by the English Defence League to attack an anti-racist march in Ipswich and exposed the fascist woman who infiltrated a meeting at the office of Unite the Union in Ipswich held by Unite Against Fascism.

We also alerted the police and BBC about a plan to wreck a BBC Question Time programme due to be transmitted in Basildon. The plan to have somebody inside the venue to let in a gang of EDL thugs who had met up locally never got off the ground.

Now in time for the EDL’s planned demonstration in Birmingham on Saturday, we have obtained a list of 49 fascist activists due to travel there as part of the EDL's East Anglian Division and the pick-up points where they will assemble.

They are (with a warning that all times are approximate):

Lowestoft, St Margarets Road (outside Northfield School) – 6:00am

Jennie, Ivan, Ryan Clayton, Matt Dunn, Jason Crickmore, Simon Reeve, Bilvo, Steve Cooke, Chris Cooke, Marty Pugh, Lewiee Reed, Greg Snowling, Del Ayers, Stuart Burton

Norwich, railway station (bus stop Thorpe Road) – 6:45am

Saffer, Bradley, Rachel Thurlow, Alex Spencer, Sam Drumee, Julie Gardner, Eddie, Ben Hannant, Michael Hayden, Kyle Ward, Sam Burgess, Jake Crisp, Martin Morrish, William Allinson

Dereham station, Station Road – 7:15am

Danni Butlers, Maeve

Kings Lynn, bus station – 8:00am

George Haynes, Jack Gollem, Dale Singer, Chris Pears

Peterborough, bus station (Bay 18 N/X stop) – 8:45am
Alan Phoenix, Ben Leight, Mark Ward, Richard Lion, Liam Dodds, 2 unnamed, John Ward, Gail Ward, Steve Posh, Johnny Sutton, Sophie Spink

Kettering, swimming pool – 9:35am

Steve Aucott, Gerri Rossiter

And finally, Greg, return from Birmingham only.

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