Thursday, 27 March 2014

Teachers rally at The Forum

Thousands of children missed a day of school yesterday as teachers held a one-day strike.

More than 70 schools in Norfolk were affected by the walk-out, which was led by the National Union of Teachers. 

In Norwich, more than 200 people gathered to protest pay, conditions and changes to the curriculum.  More at MustardTV

Nick O'Brien

Nick O'Brien, teacher and a local N.U.T. president explained :

I'm proud to take strike action because I LOVE my job and enjoy working with my colleagues and our students. I'm on strike because I want teaching to be a profession that people rush to join. Currently, 40% of teachers quit in their first five years and teacher suicide rates have risen 60%. The way we work currently is NOT sustainable or fair. Every child deserves a happy, valued and QUALIFIED teacher. Support the Strike, GOVE MUST GO.

The N.U.T. warns there may be more strikes ahead.

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