Saturday, 26 April 2014

Cambridgeshire UKIP councillor "should apologise" to children in care

From Cambridge News by Chris Havergal:

Cambridgeshire UKIP councillor Gordon Gillick should apologise directly for children in care 'takers' outburst, panel says

Cllr Gordon Gillick at the Cambridgeshire County Council election court

Two misbehaving councillors including UKIP’s Gordon Gillick should apologise for breaking the rules, a panel has decided.

Cllr Gillick had already said he was “deeply sorry” for an outburst in which he was alleged to have branded children in care “takers” from society but Cambridgeshire County Council’s ethics committee yesterday said he should go further.

Councillors said Cllr Gillick should apologise directly to three looked-after children who were present when he allegedly made the remarks – as he has offered to do – in person or in writing.

However, the committee stopped short of formally censuring Cllr Gillick.

An investigation found Cllr Gillick breached the code of conduct at a Shire Hall event by failing to treat the teenagers with respect and by bringing the authority into disrepute.

After being told about court hearings involving looked-after children, Cllr Gillick responded by allegedly shouting: 
These are secret courts aren’t they, come on, tell us the truth.
The investigation said it was “impossible” to be sure of what Cllr Gillick said after the teenagers showed a film about their experiences, but one account suggested he said: 
It was all very ‘me, me, me’ your film. What about your responsibilities – to work, to give back, for example. Can you tell us, how does it feel to be takers from the system?
Cllr Gillick denied calling the children “takers”.

Cllr Mac McGuire, a member of yesterday’s committee, said: 
It’s good to hear Cllr Gillick will do his utmost to learn from this unfortunate experience.

I hope he does, and I hope any other member who is inclined to come out with an outburst and bring this council into disrepute learns from Cllr Gillick’s experience, because we will not tolerate this.
Councillors accepted an offer from East Chesterton’s Cllr Ian Manning to apologise over an alleged leak about a planned pay rise for senior staff. Cllr Manning was not responsible for the leak but declined to withdraw a press statement when concerns were raised, and was accused of bringing his office into disrepute.

A formal hearing will be held over similar allegations involving Waterbeach’s Cllr Maurice Leeke, who denies wrongdoing.


Cllr Gillick says he is ‘deeply sorry’ after probe

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