Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Uniting families

Fill in the name of any one of the thousands of separated families below:
London Demonstration for the rights of British Citizens and their foreign spouses

A chance for everyone affected by the 2012 "Rules against Families" - and their friends and families - to dress up and make a stand to be with those they love. The new rules mean that more than 2 in 5 *British workers* can no longer expect to marry and live with whomever they choose.

Please invite your friends!

To be held on Saturday 23rd August 2014

Our Itinerary

11am - Meet up at Parliament Square. 1hour protest.
12:15 - Be at Downing Street. 1 hour protest.
1:15pm - Coffee/toilet break for 30mins
2pm - Be at Trafalgar Square. 1 hour protest.
3:15pm - Be at Leicester Square. 30 min protest.
Finish at 3:45pm

Then drinks and celebratory hugs after that.

We do ask that you wear a wedding dress, suit or cultural wear to grab peoples attention. We want people walking past to stop and ask why we are dressed this way and that's when we can get talking and educate people as to why we are campaigning. It doesn't have to be a big wedding dress ladies but something white (a maxi dress is a comfy choice) and a cheap veil from a charity shop will do nicely. Alternatively, wear all-white to symbolise the #whitefeather campaign.

Please make and bring your own placards too. Hobby craft sell stiff foam board for £3 each. Make them as personal as possible, paste photos of you and your spouse and your children, wedding photos and family days out. We need people to see that our spouses are not just another foreigner in the UK, but part of a family unit.

Educational leaflets and banners are being arranged.

Our aim of this demo is to get noticed, to share our story with as many people as we can and educate people about what our government is doing to us.

We need to curb this misconception that foreigners are bad and a "burden on society". We need to tell everyone how the Minimum income requirement is tearing families apart. Keeping parents away from their children, lovers apart and force exiling British Citizens that cannot afford the income requirement [over 40% of the working population].
If you can't be there on the day, but still want to support the activity, please put some time aside to share pictures and information about the event. Internationally it would be great to have companion support events in other countries, no matter how big or small. Aside from the demo, follow 'BritCits', 'Migrants Rights Network' and 'Love Letters to the Home Office' for more details and ongoing updates about the wider situation.

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