Saturday, 13 September 2014

Far right flock to Rotherham – separately

From Searchlight by Sonia Gable:
We report elsewhere that the English Defence League are gathering their forces to march in Rotherham on Saturday 13 September, after camping outside a police station since the publication of the report detailing the sexual abuse of at least 1,400 girls in the town over 16 years. And the Islamophobic Britain First group staged a march in Rotherham last weekend, with a reported 250 supporters.

The British National Party will also be in Rotherham this Saturday, not for a march or protest but for what the party’s website describes as a “day of community action”. Accusing other groups of holding “drinkfests”, the BNP’s aim, according to the website, is “to raise awareness of the issues surrounding Muslim rape gangs in Rotherham by supplying the good people there with knowledge on how to keep their children safe. Where others have failed, we will be there to protect and educate those who are most vulnerable.” As if anyone would trust the BNP to protect and educate anyone vulnerable.

Strangely, an email today from Clive Jefferson, the party’s treasurer, who is rapidly carving out a bigger role for himself under Adam Walker’s useless leadership, says nothing about raising awareness and educating the vulnerable. It’s all about calling for criminal charges against “all those on the council, in the social services and the police who neglected their duty”.

So that all is clear, Jefferson writes (and I quote in full and with his emphasis):

“FACT: Just ONE BNP Councillor would have blown the whistle!

“64 local councillors in Rotherham and NOT ONE took action for the victims or against the Muslim gangs preying on our girls:

“• 50 Labour Councillors

“• 10 UKIP Councillors

“• 2 Conservative Councillors

“• 2 Independent Councillors

“Just ONE BNP Councillor would have blown the whistle and stopped them getting away with these horrific crimes.

“Are you a Rotherham voter? Your BNP vote could have saved hundreds of victims!”

Jefferson has read the report and is well aware that the abuse took place over a 16-year period. If he wants criminal charges against all the councillors who failed to stop the paedophiles and rapists, surely he must mean all the councillors who served over the 16 years not just the present council. And that must include the two BNP councillors elected in 2006 by Rotherham voters.

It’s time that Jefferson told us exactly what these BNP councillors did or did not do to blow the whistle and stop these horrific crimes. The ten UKIP councillors were only elected this May, yet Jefferson wants to hold them responsible for what happened for 16 years before their election. So what about the BNP councillors? Or is Jefferson trying to airbrush them out of history, because they were as useless as the rest of the BNP’s councillors around the country?

No wonder Nick Griffin, the BNP’s chairman for 15 years until he was forced out in July, has turned against Jefferson and Walker in a damning document outlining major problems in the party, of which more (at Searchlight site)   later.

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