Tuesday, 17 March 2015

"Of Ice and Men"

From the Norfolk Humanists:


Norfolk Humanists and Secularists get together every third Thursday of the month in the Friends Meeting House, Upper Goat Lane, Norwich, 7.0 for 7.30 pm. We invite speakers to talk on a range of subjects not just relevant to Humanism but also to feed our unbounded curiosity about the world. We don’t claim to have all the answers but think that the search for truth through rational debate is well worth pursuing. If, like us, you think life can be lived ethically without reference to religion and wish to meet like minded people, please feel free to come along to our meetings. 

Thursday 19 MARCH 2015, 'OF ICE AND MEN'

Former Museum Curator and member of the Norfolk Geological Society, Martin Warren will be talking about discoveries on Norfolk's Ice Age. 

The Norfolk coast has a rich archive of Pleistocene sediments and erosion is revealing evidence of the processes, flora and fauna, including early hominins from the past million years. A belated nod to Darwin Day, we hope you will join us. Time and place as noted above. All very welcome.

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About Martin Warren

The Northfolk Project

A new dawn and a new beginning. After more than 32 years with the Norfolk Museums and Archaeology Service I am now doing my own thing, immersing myself in North Norfolk, its history, culture, and environment and working for the general good, whilst having some fun, making friends and to some extent making a living. 

My self-styled 'Northfolk Project' is simply a portfolio of things designed to amuse me and do some good. Geology is featuring pretty heavily at the moment (hence the Field Guide to North Norfolk Geology within this site) and I have recently become the general secretary of the Geological Society of Norfolk. But over the past couple of years I have started a microbrewery, and I hope to write some books. And I haven't mentioned the ganseys. I'll tell you about those one day. I also still work for the Norfolk Museums and Archaeology Service from time to time. Do read on.

Martin Warren, Cromer, Norfolk

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