Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Demand an end to violence against women worldwide - and DANCE!

This is a trailer for the Norwich Rising event on V-Day - 14th February 2013 - when we will strike, dance, and rise with a billion women and those who love them around the world to demand an end to violence against women.  Why 1 billion?  Because the UN estimates that one in three women in Earth (that is, 1 billion women) will be raped or sexually assaulted in her lifetime.

Here in Norwich we're aiming to inspire 20,000 women and girls (approximately one in three women who live in the City) and men and boys who love them to get up and dance on 14th February.

The pressure is on but we are getting people on board every day, and we're marketing this virally through social media and word-of-mouth.  For example, women are going to their dance tutors and spreading the word through dance classes, and the Chief Fire Officer emailed his staff to invite them to dance with him, which is pretty cool.

We are in touch with women dancing all over the world via Twitter and Facebook.  There is a campaign dance that people are learning all over the globe.  You can watch it here.

We're encouraging people to get together with friends and colleagues to learn the dance and we have set up some weekly rehearsals (6 pm at the Garage on Thursdays;  10 am at the Forum on Sundays), where people can meet up with others.

We're going to have a mass dance outside the Forum in Norwich at 1 pm on 14th February and we are encouraging people to dance with us there or wherever they are and in whatever way they can.

I'm going to be making a film about Norwich Rising and would love you to send me clips of you dancing to include in the movie.  

Future Radio 107.8 fm (www.futureradio.co.uk/listenlive) will be playing the Campaign song so people can dance with us in their homes, schools, and workplaces or wherever.


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