Friday, 15 February 2013

Tribute to the life of Sid Frisby

From Searchlight:

Searchlight magazine and

Trade Union Friends of Searchlight

wish to pay tribute to the life of

Sid Frisby (22/03/1946 – 21/01/2013)

Lifelong anti-fascist, trade unionist, photographer for the Movement in Wales and later playing a key role in Norwich and the Eastern region and a reader and supporter of Searchlight.

We were honoured to have him as a friend and comrade and valued our last meeting with him at TUC 2012.

Our thoughts are with Geraldine and his family and friends.

Sid’s work will stand as a great testament to his life and his great warmth and humanity will remain with us when remembering him.


  1. Sid was a mentor and friend to me in my aprentiship at Costessey Electrical, I'm very sad to hear of his passing and will never forget his humour and humanity. Rest in Peace Sid. John Lock
    John Lock

  2. Hello Mr Lock,

    Thank you for your kind email. Sid was an inspiration to me too, starting me on this anti-racism blog for example.

    I appreciate your memories of Sid, confirming what a decent man he was.

    Best wishes, Barbara Suzuki