Friday, 8 March 2013

BNP supporters in ugly confrontation outside Harold Wood station

From the Romford Reporter 7 March 2013:

Nick Lowles, the co ordinator of anti-fascist group, Hope Not Hate was confronted by a gang outside of Harold Wood Station.

The chairman of the British National Party (BNP) claims that his supporters were behind a confrontation with anti-fascist campaigners.

Footage has been uploaded on the Hope Not Hate website of ugly scenes between a team of campaigners, which included its co-ordinator Nick Lowles, and a gang outside Harold Wood station on Sunday.

Nick Griffin, the leader of the far-right party, tweeted: “Old hands will be pleased to hear Searchlight liar Nick Lowles was chased out of Gooshays, Essex today by pro BNP locals? Whose streets?”

The team of five campaigners from Hope Not Hate, had turned up at Harold Wood station when they claim they were confronted by a gang of 15 men.

The footage shows the gang hurling abuse at the campaigners telling them, “we don’t want you round our manor, so just get in your car and go home”.

They are also heard telling them that, “it is no place for paedophiles”. In a second upload a campaign couple are followed by the men who tell them they are “not wanted round here”, before telling them that they, “know where they live”.

Mr Lowles said that he had “never experienced anything like it in 20 years”. He said:
They were trying to drive us out of the area by using bully boy tactics. Most of us were from Havering and are just ordinary people.
The campaigners had planned to meet up at the station before moving on to Harold Hill to hand out leaflets. The group managed to deliver 2,000 leaflets despite the earlier confrontation.
Simon Darby, spokesman for the BNP, said the gang were:
just local BNP supporters who do not like other people coming into their area telling them how to think.  We have a lot of BNP supporters up and down the country and particularly in that area who are just fed up.“Hope Not Hate are coming with their crocodile tears when they are trying to sabotage our campaign.
Nick said that he has been inundated with messages of support since uploading the footage. He is preparing a dossier of material to pass on to the police and the electoral commission.

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  1. NG take note, Harold Wood is in London, not Essex.