Sunday, 3 March 2013

The EDL has East Anglian Discovisions!

Unus Mundas, Una Gens, Unus Disco
(One World, One Race, One Disco)

The English Disco Lovers (EDL) are a pro-disco, pro-racial equality group which aims
to spoof the slogans and emblems of The English Defence League, showing them for what they really are - racist, outdated and the type you wouldn't invite to your disco!
And now there is an EDL East Anglian Discovision - for all English Disco Lovers in the Eastern counties 
Because glitter balls, impossibly wide trousers and dancing like a twit beat racism, criminality and stupidity EVERY time.
Founded February 2013

There is even an EDL NORWICH Discovision (English Disco Lovers - Norwich Discovision)  Please do visit the site and share your own disco favourites, for

Thanks Liam!

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