Monday, 2 June 2014

Rethinking "racism" - focus on the racist act itself

From Liberal Conspiracy by Sunny Hundal:

I’ve already explained why calling all of UKIP racist isn’t just futile but also counter-productive. 

That doesn't mean we ignore specific incidents.

I have two simple rules on race-related controversies:

1) Does being outraged over it help the cause? If not, its just empty posturing.

2) Criticise the action itself as ‘racist’ (if and when it happens) rather than offering up blanket accusations of racism.

This is the definitive word on talking about racism. HEED IT

In summary: 

if someone is saying “we should call out racism when we see it and anyone who disagrees with is an apologist” – we should ask them if they’re doing it to actually help victims of racism, or just make themselves feel better.

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