Thursday, 5 February 2015

Fuelling Christian extremism

Objections to the far right are not just because of the bullying, racism, misogyny and drunken violence, but also because religion is evoked as another weapon of bigotry.

Images of knights are favourites with the on-line East Anglian fascists, in laughable quantities.

But there is a bigger picture, and more reason for Humanists and Secularists to take an interest and oppose far right groups like Britain First.. 

From EDL Review:

Britain First fuelling Christian extremism

Britain First claims to uphold and promote Christian beliefs. According to Hope Not Hate, two of the men who played a key role in its creation announced the formation of a group to protect “British and Christian morality” in 2011.

Members of the group (including the current leader) ‘invaded’ mosques giving out Bibles preaching “Jesus Christ, our Lord”. The group also set up its own ‘Christian patrols’ and attracted a lot of media attention.

But strangely, Britain First seems to idolise the crusaders who had their fair share in wars and bloodshed in holy wars against Muslims (the “infidels” in the eyes of crusaders).

Now, Britain First regularly post up photos of crusaders, as shown below.

Posted on 5 October

Posted on 8 October

In the comments section we find some disturbing posts, with some supporters advocating for another ‘holy war’.

Is Britain First radicalising people?

Note: Britain First has banned countless people who oppose the group, but doesn’t really seem to ban anyone who advocates a ‘holy war’ or incites violence.

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