Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Love bombs at Ihsan Mosque

From Ann Nicholls of Look, See, Click with additional pictures from Jan McLachlan:

In the early hours of Saturday morning the windows were smashed at the Irfhan Mosque in the centre of Norwich. Windows were also smashed at The Owl Sanctuary pub around that time too. The Owl Sanctuary is a pub known for being a meeting place for anti-racists, anti-fascists.

Of course we cannot make assumptions that the same people were responsible for both attacks but the good citizens of Norwich can make their feelings known that they will not let such attacks happen without comment or response. Messages of solidarity have been posted on social media, at least one letter (from We Are Norwich) has been sent to the local press condemning the attacks and all day today the front door and outside walls of the mosque have been love bombed with paper hearts and messages of support posted by people of many faiths and of none; by people belonging to groups or organisations and by individuals.

Myself (writes Ann) and some friends and comrades from We Are Norwich met after work to write messages on cardboard hearts and went to add these to the others. We tied most of them to the iron railings of the mosque, leaving some of them blank so that passers by could write their own messages if they wished.

I have a feeling that many people will be going down to the Owl Sanctuary to quaff some 'solidarity pints'.

We are many, they are few. 

And you can see some more of my pics, including some of the messages, here.

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