Monday, 30 November 2009

Skydiving for HOPE

From Rupy Kaur:

Hello, I hope you're very well this Monday morning.

Now I only have 5 days to go so I really need to push the promotion of this and was hoping you could help. How? Just post this link on your wall if you can..just so we can spread a bit more awareness.

Thank you, Rupy x

Hello lovely people!

For the last 5 weeks I have been receiving one hour of physiotherapy, from the NHS, each day to help improve my posture. During that time my posture has improved and my physiotherapist has been excellent. I have one more week to go and then it’s the build up to my dive!!! I’ll come back to this later…

Looking back over the last 5 weeks the BNP have been prominently in the press, they’ve appeared on Question Time and have set their sights upon Barking. They have also changed their constitution allowing ‘non whites,’ to join. It has been reported today that the first to join is an anti-Islamic Sikh, who has wished to join the party for many years but has been barred due to the colour of his skin. As coming from a Sikh family myself, I am appalled by hearing such news.

Firstly, the founder of Sikhism, Guru Nanak, stressed the importance of equality amongst all living humans and animals. He stressed that there needs to be equality with such things like race, gender, faith and caste. The BNP do not promote equality and therefore this person, in my opinion, cannot be a ‘true’ Sikh.

Secondly, I believe there could be danger with this new constitution and this first new type of member joining. It may influence other past ‘typically barred’ members to join the party which could on the ‘outset’ appear to justify the party’s existence. I cannot see the reasoning for them wanting to join though – it’s illogical. By law the BNP may seem to be more acceptable but by nature they are still the same. Why fight for a party which denies a person’s right to be labelled as the nationality that they were born or have been brought up in, and not provide them with equal rights with the law?

There is nothing British about the BNP. I know for a fact that Manchester (my home city) is proud of being multi-cultural and celebrates it loud and clearly.

People are becoming disillusioned with politics. Let’s stop this from happening. Let’s inject politics with a dose of optimism. Collectively, we are the optimism that the world of politics needs, to prevent parties like the BNP, from becoming mainstream. That’s what the HOPE not Hate campaign is all about – it emphasises the notion of HOPE and with this, optimism follows.

I’m so optimistic that as a SIKH who believes in EQUALITY am jumping out of a plane, in 15 days time, to raise awareness and funds for the HOPE not Hate campaign. I know for a fact that there are thousands of volunteers around our country spreading the message of hope and have certainly encouraged voters to stand up for what is right – firstly, by encouraging people to vote, and secondly educating them about the real intentions of the BNP, so that they don’t vote for them.

Going back to my physiotherapy – as a knock on effect of my Cerebral Palsy, I developed curvature of the spine. My physio has been working extremely hard with me in trying to straighten it. The results have been dramatic and I am extremely happy. My physio is from the Netherlands. If the BNP were the main government to exert power over Britain, it has been predicted that the NHS would collapse over night…

Indian-origin woman to skydive to fight racism

From The Hindu:

A 22-year-old wheelchair-bound Indian-origin woman, suffering from cerebral-palsy, plans to skydive from more than 14,000 feet to raise funds to fight against ‘racism and fascism’ in the U.K.

Rupy Kaur, a disability activist who was inspired by Mahatma Gandhi, will undertake the feat on December 6 in Lake District, a picturesque region in northwest of England. She comes from a family of fighters of justice. Ms. Kaur said:

Just because you are disabled it does not mean you cannot participate in extreme sports. Obviously, you’ve got to think about the pros and cons but it should not hold you back.

Stating that she is proud of her Indian origin, Ms. Kaur, a psychology graduate of Manchester University said money raised from the act would go towards two of Britain’s best-known groups campaigning against ‘fascism and racism’ - Searchlight and Hope Not Hate.

Her move comes amid recent violent demonstrations by racist and anti-immigration groups in towns and cities with large non-white populations in Britain.

Ms. Kaur is particularly critical of the anti-immigration British National Party (BNP) which is in the midst of a major controversy over a decision by BBC television to invite its leader to participate in a popular current affairs panel discussion show Question Time this week.

Ms. Kaur said,

When I first heard of the BNP, I thought nobody would be that stupid as to vote for them. There have been many wars and nobody would want to incite hatred, would they? The sad fact is there are people who support them.

BNP leader Nick Griffin on Monday claimed that his Question Time invitation marks the BNP’s arrival “in the British political system” and argued that some Sikhs and Hindus now supported the far-right party.

By Sam Tarry

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