Thursday, 12 November 2009


From HOPE not hate, Norfolk:

THANKS to all of you who helped with the leafleting in Norwich on Saturday. We managed to give out about 1000 leaflets and had some very interesting conversations with members of the public.

Most people were supportive.

It was heartening to see the number of young people who came and chatted. We ran out of HnH badges and pencils and there should be posters appearing in a college/school near you soon!

There will be a General Election as well as council elections within a few months and we expect the BNP to stand candidates.

We would ask supporters to work within their own communities and groups to lay the foundations for a successful anti BNP campaign then.

Please keep an eye on our very informative blog as well as the Hope not Hate website.

Sid Frisby

All of the Hope not hate, Norfolk, team look forward to some more campaigning before the General Election and council elections to come next year.

We expect to be canvassing in city and town centres in Norfolk, with some door-to-door leafleting, and local meetings.

It is a pleasure to meet people of our beautiful county this way, and to debate politics. It makes politics come alive and real.

The HnH mision is to encourage citizens to vote for ANY democratic party, so that the BNP does not slide into power by default or through apathy.

There is some disenchantment about politics and politicians at the moment, which is understandable. But if traditional voters stay away from the ballot box, extremist parties get a higher proportion of votes than they deserve. This fear is what motivates the HnH team.

If you are interested in our endeavours to challenge and oppose the policies of hatred and division from the far-right, then please do not hesitate to write and introduce yourself at

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