Thursday, 5 November 2009

Want to stop the BNP? Then you need to act

Support Hope not hate in Norwich, or in Dagenham - you decide!

As part of the Hope not hate national day of action Norfolk Hope not Hate will be leafleting in the centre of Norwich on Saturday, November 7 from 12:00 PM - 3:00 PM

We will send out teams of leafleters around the City. We will be using this event, which marks Remembrance Sunday, to remind voters about the true politics of the BNP.

Please look out for the Hope not hate, Norfolk team and say Hello!
You can join the very friendly HOPE not hate, Norfolk group by sending us an email at

OR -

As received from Hope Not Hate:

This weekend the Hope not hate campaign will be taking to the streets and I want you with us.

We’ll be working in Dagenham, which is under threat from the BNP - and we’re providing a coach to take you there. You can find your nearest pick up point here:

Every minute you can spare will be of huge help - you’ll be doing the activities that we’ve proven stop the BNP. And you’ll be doing this side by side Hope not hate supporters from all across the country and every walk of life.

Many people are angry and disillusioned with the politicians - but we can’t let the BNP prosper in this environment. The election of two BNP MEPs has to be seen as a wake up call for all of us - and I’m giving you the opportunity to do something real and tangible to stop them.

We have our strategy. We have our direction. Now we need you.

Please join us for our weekend of hope in Dagenham - there is a lift waiting for you in your community now:

On the weekend of Remembrance Sunday I can think of no fitter tribute to those who gave their lives fighting the fascist threat in the last Great war, than each of us standing up to the BNP’s Nazi threat today.

This is your chance to make a difference in an area where the BNP pose a real threat of taking over the council next May. I hope you can join us.

Thank you,
Nick Lowles

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