Friday, 8 January 2010

The 2010 HOPE not hate campaign will be our biggest

From Hope not hate:

Amidst ankle deep snow it has been busy as normal for me and my colleagues this week. After a short break for Christmas and the New Year we are back at work and focusing our minds on the pending local and General elections.

We will shortly be opening a base in Barking & Dagenham, Billy Bragg has agreed to perform a full set at a fundraising gig we are holding on Saturday 6 March and a HOPE not hate campaign plan has been agreed with the Daily Mirror.

It is a busy period but it needs to be as we have a long battle ahead. The BNP is likely to contest over 200 parliamentary seats in the General Election and up to 1,000 council seats. The main threat is in Barking & Dagenham, where they could take overall control of the council, and Stoke-on-Trent, where they could become the largest single party. There is even a chance that Nick Griffin could win the parliamentary seat in Barking. Across the country we have identified 102 council wards at risk to the BNP.

It is not going to be easy but with your help, your continued involvement, we can win. Without the hard work of HOPE not hate activists the BNP would have won more MEPs last year.

More recently, we have proved in successive council by-elections that we can beat the BNP in their strongest areas. The 2010 HOPE not hate campaign will be our biggest yet. For it to be successful we need everyone to get involved. I’m excited about the coming months. I’m sure we are going to have our ups and downs but I’m really confident that we can drive the BNP back in the gutter where they belong.

by Nick Lowles

If you would like to volunteer to help keep the BNP and its far-right chums out of Norfolk, please email with your contact details.

Hope not hate, Norfolk will be active as the elections approach, and all the team look forward to some lively canvassing and campaigning in the weeks ahead.

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