Monday, 11 January 2010

Planet Earth saved by the BNP

Not everyone knows this. Probably, according to both parties concerned, there was a deliberate media blackout.

A news clampdown about the fact that a great meteor was hurtling to Earth and impact was due - yesterday.

A great rocky meteor threatening life itself as we know it -

Somehow the legal director of the BNP got wind of the attempted cover-up when a mate of his tipped him off.

He sent the message out on his famous Earth-alerting blog, and BNP members immediately rallied to the cause.

With ray-guns manufactured from everyday kitchen objects according to plans downloaded from the internet, the BNP members, watched by supporters and awed family members blasted that meteor right out out of the sky, and saved us all!!

Hard to believe? Well, here we are, still on Planet Earth, and none the worse.

Hang on a minute. Perhaps I got that story slightly wrong in some details.

This is the other version.

Some religious extremist was proposing a march though Wootton Bassett, and some far-right fanatic was proposing to stop any such march.

So two posturing, would-be-macho primates roar and beat their chests in total disregard for the inappropriate vulgarity of the display.

It makes a great story, except for those of us fed-up to the back teeth with posturing males acting out their problems in public.

No march took place, so the far-right ideologists claimed victory over the far-right religious. It must have been the ray-guns! Or the threat of counter demonstrations, or something.

The proof that the far-right ideologists of the BNP and EDL won is that no march took place. It's so obvious.

And Planet Earth is saved.

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