Thursday, 14 January 2010

BNP's legal director on 'common purpose' in Norwich

From 21st Century British Nationalism:

Today I visited the site of BNP's sometime spokesperson and legal director, and was surprised to find him referring to Norfolk. In particular, he linked to named persons in "Norwich Media, Schools, Police & Prison service" (sic) who, it is claimed, studied a 'Matrix course'. The legal director, Lee John Barnes raved:
List of EU Fifth Columnist Common Purpose Graduates Revealed The list of EU trained Ffith (sic) Columnists in the media, police and prison service have been revealed here (link given). Write those names down and remember them.
This course, according to the link he gave, is an annual course that seems to have taken place over the past decade or so. So far so good. But, according to LJB and others of the far-right, it is an EU course designed by the great conspiracy called the "freemasonry Bilderbergs", including all sorts of powerful people (the "global elite") who want to keep us ordinary folk cowed into submission so that we accept the 'common purpose' of one world government and individual microchipping.

I'm not making this up, it really is a BNP and far-right belief, almost an article of faith, although I may be a little shaky on the details.

The BNP's legal director claims to have discovered a list of names of men and women now working in Norfolk, mainly Norwich, in our schools, prisons, police stations, probation services, colleges, and the UEA.

These names and places of work are given but I doubt I am legally allowed to link to them, although the BNP's legal director does.

The people indentified should be aware that their names are being trafficked on far-right sites as graduates of the EU Matrix courses "committing treason and destroying our children's futures", in the words of the link given.

The link also promises:
More to follow soon for names in the councils, Business and voluntary sectors, Over 80,000 'Graduates' in the UK, In all areas of life, describing themselves as a charity, courses cost in the thousands of pounds, tax payers money being stolen as usual. Freedom of info requests now being dodged. (sic)
If anyone knows anything about this Matrix course and why it is upsetting the BNP's legal director so much, please let me know.

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  1. We have reported the posting and sharing of our alumni data (as referenced here) to the Information Commissioner's Office. To clarify, Matrix is one of the many leadership development courses offered by Common Purpose. We are an independent not-for-profit organisation that runs leadership development courses which mix people from the private, public and not-for-profit sectors. The posting of this list of alumni details forms part of a long-standing cyber attack against Common Purpose and our Chair of Trustees has issued a statement outlining our response here: