Wednesday, 3 March 2010

BNP councillors are hopeless

From the HOPE not hate blog:

Sometimes I don't have to think too hard to write copy for our election leaflets. The stupidity and uselessness of the BNP often hands us stories on a plate.

Just had a message about the BNP councillors in Sandwell who, as long-time followers of the HOPE not hate campaign will know, are particularly useless. Today was the budget meeting, the most important meeting in the council calendar, but two of the three BNP councillors (well, one was elected as BNP but now sits as an Independent Nationalist) failed to show and the third turned up at the beginning and promptly walked out as the meeting began. He returned half way through the meeting, sat there in silence and then, after the meeting had finished, tried to ask a question.

Luckily the people of Sandwell have a chance to throw out two useless BNP councillors and the Independent Nationalist in May.

The copy just writes itself.

By Nick Lowles
Here are some more hopeless BNP Councillors:

A BNP councillor will face a standards investigation after he described an Asian garage attendant as “f***ing filth” on an internet blog:

A BNP councillor posts racist jibes on Facebook with his close drug-dealing friend:

Swanley residents complain their BNP councillor has "done nothing" for the area:

In Stoke resident and blogger Tony Walley complains bitterly about his BNP councillors:
Now the BNP don’t contribute at all. Alby & Ellie have taken over £32,000 in allowances and I honestly can not remember the last time either of them spoke at full council whether that is to support or oppose an issue. I have yet to hear them put anything forward as an alternative. . .They have simply just sat there and had their attendance mark and then left as early as they could. It is not good enough. The people that they represent deserve better. Don’t they have a duty to try and improve the City as well as serve their wards? Are they not obligated to put fresh policy ideas and initiatives forward. Isn’t being pro-active the best way of trying to win more support?
The site libcom has compiled a list of the worst twelve BNP councillors.

The right-leaning anti-fascist site Nothing British notes:
In every area where there are BNP candidates voters have been let down. The performance of BNP councillors reveals a shocking list of incompetence, absence and general indifference. Most BNP councillors rarely participate in council business, regularly skip meetings and ignore requests for help from local people.
The left-leaning anti-fascist site Lancaster Unity has a long long list of 'crap councillors' from the BNP.

Read it and despair.

Correction. Never despair. Just be sure to vote these hopeless BNP councillors OUT.

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  1. Don't forget BNP councillor Richard Barnbrook was found guilty (in the London borough of Barking and Dagenham) of bringing two local authorities into disrepute by making knowingly false claims about murders.