Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Calling all Norfolk anti-fascists

Recently Nick Cohen, the Observer columnist, appeared to criticise the left and the far left for an apparant failure to challenge the fascism inherent in some extreme militant interpretations of religion, particularly from the Islamists. You can read more by clicking here.

I answer that bigoted and discriminatory anti-democratic ideologies have to be challenged wherever they arise, whether from the far-right, the far-left or from the militant political/religious.

But at this particular time it is the BNP which is the main target as it is standing candidates in the imminent elections, eight of them in Norfolk. Anyone who recognises that the core policies of the BNP are hateful and divisive should oppose them, whatever their personal political leanings, right, left, or whatever.

Last year I was canvassing and campaigning in town centres against the BNP with a real mixed group. In the centre of Great Yarmouth on one occasion I noticed our group of activists included politicians, lady clergy from the Anglican Church, Muslim women, gays, councillors, trade unionists, feminists, and anti-racists like myself, all rejecting the policies of despair as preached by the appalling BNP. Interestingly the only people who did not turn up were representatives from the Tories.
politicians, lady clergy from the Anglican Church, Muslim women, gays, councillors, trade unionists, feminists, and anti-racists; a diverse group united in purpose
On Saturday 27th's Day of Action I joined another mixed group of people to deliver leaflets for HOPE not hate in King's Lynn, all of us united in oppostion to the BNP. We are right-of-centre, left-of-centre, uncommitted, and extremely-left-of-centre; who cares?

What we had in common was wanting to reach out to voters in a BNP-leaning ward of Norfolk to tell them the truth about the despicable BNP.

We could do with a few more from the right on our foot-slogging campaigning to expose the real BNP to voters.

The BNP is apparently fielding eight candidates in Norfolk. Every one of these candidates needs to be opposed and the party they stand for needs to be exposed. This is best done by letting people know the truth about their Party, and about the lies and opportunism that bedevil the BNP.

Please feel free to join in the anti-BNP campaign for HOPE not hate, Norfolk. Just send your contact details to Hnhnorfolk@gmail.com It’s actually great fun to share the same goal with such a diverse group.

Diversity! Ya gotta love it!

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