Monday, 15 March 2010

Publicity Stunt III - Norfolk

From MSN News and Politics:

Three Norfolk BNP candidates are caught out telling whoppers in an attempt to portray themselves as some sort of civic activists against a Muslim community in King's Lynn.

They tried to steal some unearned credit amongst fellow bigots by claiming that they prevented permission being granted for a new "mosque" in King's Lynn.

The objections were submitted by a delegation of BNP parliamentary candidates (pictured below in a corny and obviously staged photo-opportunity stunt).

They are Ulsterman David Fleming (R) who is standing for North West Norfolk, Dennis Pearce (L) for South West Norfolk, and Christine Kelly (centre) for Mid Norfolk

These claims of the Norfolk BNP candidates are a load of self-serving rubbish.

First of all, as Denise Garside of the blogging team of the fantastic Norfolk Unity site has already pointed out
it’s been no great secret that the Muslim community around King’s Lynn, Norfolk (around 70 strong) have been looking for premises in which to set up an Islamic centre – essentially a sort of community centre for Muslims. To that end they have been raising money among themselves, had spotted a building that would fulfil their needs, and made a planning application to the local council. . . . The strange thing is that when Fleming’s candidature for North West Norfolk was announced on the BNP website, on Febraury 12th, the BNP was claiming that Fleming and his friends had “successfully submitted an objection to a planning application for an Islamic centre in King’s Lynn”. It’s strange, because the application wasn’t even considered until Monday – March 1st.

Next, please note that permission was sought for an Islamic centre, not a "mosque", yet another porkie from the Norfolk trio.

The Truth

Finally, according to the source on MSN, the reason why the King's Lynn Islamic centre was turned down was because of an objection from the Norfolk County Highways Department. There were no other objections, and so this was the sole reason for refusing permission.

King's Lynn Planning Committee Rules

At a meeting of a planning committee, members of the public cannot participate other than by written submission, the applicant or representatives of an applicant cannot speak, the only people who may offer any submission are (a) members of the committee (b) planning officers (c) representatives of relevant agencies ie Fire Officer - Police - Health and Safety - County Highways - Enviromental Health Officer - representatives of National Parks or Licensing Officers.

Anyone can view the comprehensive document by clicking here.

So why are the three BNP candidates posing in that photograph as if they have won some sort of victory? Are they trying to bamboozle voters by any chance?


  1. Good im glad the highway turned the "islamic center" down and the english council workers should stand proud ,proud to be british!!! it would turn a few to thousands swompping kings lynn go away this is england we do not preach in islamic centers so go some other flipping place we dont want then taking over norfolk land!!!!!!

  2. The BNP candidates should hang their heads with shame for trying to steal credit for something that had nothing to do with them. What a shower!
    On the other hand, all religious centres should have good access and ample parking space, and the Norfolk County Highways Department is quite right to insist on these standards.

  3. The word islamophobia is not a real word and was created as propaganda in an attempt to shame and add legitimacy to discriminating against those who understand and disagree with islam. People need to remember islam is not a race its an ideology. As such it is not racist to disagree with Islam just as it is not racist to disagree with the nazis.

  4. And what has that got to do with this article?