Sunday, 16 September 2012

How BNP membership dues are wasted - I

Electoral Commission fines the British National Party for late delivery of 2010 accounts

Sunday, 16 September 2012

The Electoral Commission has fined the British National Party a total of £2,700 for the late delivery of its statement of accounts for 2010.

There were two fines. The first fine of £1800 was imposed on the central party for its failure to provide accounts by the deadline of 7 July 2011. A second fine of £900 was imposed on the party’s regional accounting unit for failing to deliver its accounts by the same deadline.

The party co-operated with the Commission and both accounts were received on 21 February 2012, in accordance with a deadline set by the Commission.

Both fines have been paid in full.

Commenting on the Electoral Commission’s actions, Lisa Klein, Director of Party and Election Finance, said:

“People have a right to know how parties are funded and how they spend their money. The British National Party has repeatedly failed to deliver accounts for the central party and its accounting unit on time in the past.

“However, since 2010 there has been an improvement in compliance. The 2011 accounts for the central party and accounting unit were delivered on time. We hope this improvement is maintained.”

For more information about the range of sanctions available to the Commission and how fines are calculated,

For further information please contact Rosemary Davenport, Media Relations Officer, on 0207 271 0704. Out of office hours: 07789 920414.

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