Saturday, 29 September 2012

Not for Norwich -

EDL Protest In Walsall Turns Violent, 28 Reported Arrests

From: The Huffington Post UK  

Members of the English Defence League (EDL) clashed with police in the Midlands town of Walsall on Saturday. Twenty-eight arrests were made, according to West Midlands Police.

Police use batons against members of the EDL in Walsall

Huge numbers of police were deployed in the town centre to keep order as members of the far-right group staged a protest against “militant Islam”.

According to the Birmingham Mail, missiles, including “bricks, bottles and litter bins” were thrown at the police as skirmishes broke out during speeches by members of the EDL.

Officers with shields and batons cleared the town centre by charging at the demonstrators. Members of the right-wing group were forced back onto buses to stop further clashes.
By Paul Vale

And according to the anti-fascist EDL News:

EDL take a battering as Walsall demo turns into violence

'We go where we want, when we want' was the battle cry from the English Defence League yesterday. In reality they go to where the police tell them to go when the police want them to go there.

They claim to be taking the streets back but in three years they have yet to take one street back.

Today was no exception in Walsall when a paltry turnout of 150 tried to attack hundreds of counter protesters but were stopped by police.

Getting bored of speeches by Tommy and Kev, EDL members decided it would be a good idea to pelt the police with bricks and bottles and try and charge their lines so the police decided to give them them a good battering, leaving over 30 'patriots' injured.

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