Saturday, 1 September 2012

We Are Norwich

Updated 7th November

Visit We Are Norwich latest press release for more

We are Norwich (click for webiste) is a coalition of individuals, representatives from political organisations, community groups and faith groups to oppose the visit of the English Defence League (EDL) to Norwich later this year - we will keep you informed.

We are Norwich (click for Facebook) plans to do all that it can to prevent the EDL from coming to Norwich - by organising stalls in the city, public meetings, and gigs. If the EDL does decide to come we will organise a safe and peaceful counter demonstration to show the EDL that they are not welcome and to celebrate multicultural Norwich.

The following people have signed up to our mission statement in a personal capacity so far and pledge support:

Clive Lewis (Norwich Labour Party)

Norwich Green Party City Council Group

Chapelfield Mosque

Ian Gibson

Richard Murphy

Josh Bowker (Union of UEA Students)

Kings Lynn Trades Council

Great Yarmouth Trades Council

Norwich Trades Council

Unison Norfolk County Branch

USDAW (various branches)

Kevin Reynolds (Unite)

David Peel (NUJ)

Unite Norwich Branch

Helen McGuinness (Secretary Norwich NUT)

Richard Edwards (PCS Eastern Region)

Deanna Allison (Chair of Norwich Pride)

Frank Stone (Chair of Norwich Stop the War)

Julie Bremner (Unite against Fascism)

Matthew Fulton (Compass Youth)

Tim Knight Hughes (Norwich SWP)


  1. Wrong Date!!! November 10th,Is there going to be a meeting to stop the EDL?

  2. Your facebook link isn't working :-(

  3. The facebook link doesn't work, is this the proper page?

  4. Is there any update on this? We now have a scheduled date for the EDL march, and, I infer from the news, that it's now pretty certain to go ahead. Also, your facebook group doesn't seem to be working.

  5. The EDL are coming, it's called DEMOCRACY !!!

  6. Sorry about the link, it has been changed for various reasons.
    The dates will be given nearer the time.

  7. I want to start a facebook event for peaceful protesters the day the EDL come - or have you already got one?

  8. Also do you have a twitter - we could get you so much attention with a twitter i took over running the twitter for a charity i work for - first aid africa - this month it really helps!

  9. No twittering, so keep visiting for updates. If I can have a volunteer to tweet I would be interested -

  10. We Are Norwich and friends (including HOPE not hate, Norfolk) plan to hold a peaceful rally on the day the EDL march through Norwich. More details as they are revealed.
    We Are Norwich are working hard to make an open website where these plans might be discussed. I'll post ther details here as soon as this is achieved.

  11. Have you started a Facebook event for the counter demonstration yet? I have a number of friends who want to participate, but you just don't seem to be getting the information out there with much sense of urgency. This can be achieved in all of five minutes. The full details don't need to be finalised, but surely it's possible at this point to start publicising, via social media, the fact that there WILL be a counter demonstration on the 10th?

  12. Hi James, Hannah and everyone else interested - like you I am anxiously waiting for more news of how we can peacefully demonstrate our support for the citizens of Norwich against those who want to incite hatred and division in our communities. I have written again to the organisers at We Are Norwich and will publish the information as soon as I can.
    I expect there are various logistic hurdles to be jumped and permissions to be gained, and that is the hold up.
    All the best,

  13. Hello again.

    I wondered if an updated list of the organisations which currently comprise We Are Norwich was available? Steve Morphew just commented on the Facebook event I started that the Norwich Labour Party have "signed up", so to speak (which I assume represents more formal institutional support than the personal support of Clive Lewis). Have the other main political parties taken collective positions?



  14. Good idea, James, forwarded to Nick of We Are Norwich for update and probably a new post -