Thursday, 6 June 2013

Hasten to St Margaret's Church of Art for the last three days of a fabulously eclectic exhibition

by Eppie Zandvoort
These are the Mapeople
People are a journey
No-one is an island
by Ian Brownlie
by Marion Stuart
Space Oddity I
Space Oddity II
Space Oddity III
All by Jo Stafford
Paper cut
by Claire Knight
by Eppie Zandvoort
(with reflections)
Vessels like ship wreckage made from translucent porcelain
with illegible written script and broken fragments
by Marion Stuart
The figure is explored with written texts and gold lustre
like the tattooing of skin
by Marion Stuart
by Mary Howard
Taking the Dog for a Walk
by Heather Tamplin
Losing my Religion
by Heather Tamplin
by Heather Tamplin
Happy Birthday, Stevie Wonder version
by Heather Tamplin
In Front of the Fire
by Gill Duly
Photograph of Snail
by Annie Snowdon

Photograph of Sculpted Spiral Shell
by Nikki Dods
by Nikki Dods
The Thief
by Elke McKinley
Winter Tree, Norfolk
by Nikki Dods

Drift 2013
Sculpture by Keita Jackson
Layered World
by Laragh Spearman

Thetford Forest
from the Norfolk series
by Tricia Frances

Falling Man
by Heather Tamplin

Prices from an unbelievable £10 - well worth a visit, but hurry.  Last day Saturday 8th June.

Apologies if I did not get every name right, I was on my way somewhere else when I stumbled upon this thrilling exhibition, so did not spend as much time there as I would have liked to - if there are errors, please comment below and I will amend accordingly.

St Margaret's Church of Art is near St Benedicts, NR2 4.  See Facebook under Arts and Crafts Collective 2013

(Photographed with permission)

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