Friday, 7 June 2013

Sunrise over the Norfolk Broads

From "Actively Yours", the National Parks photo competition:

The winning photograph of a canoeist as she paddles through Surlingham Broad in the Norfolk Broads at sunset was taken by the amateur photographer Fraser Johnston
Canoeing at sunrise on Surlingham Broad
Amateur photographer Fraser Johnston, who took the winning image, is originally from Tasmania. He said: 

It's a beautiful memory of a beautiful winter's morning setting off in the canoe after camping the night before. The position the shot is taken from puts the viewer right in the action, taking the stern position in the canoe.
Fraser only moved to Norwich in 2007 after meeting his Norfolk girlfriend while she was on holiday in Tasmania. He said: 
At the time I didn't even know Norfolk existed. It's much different to Tasmania where there is barely a flat piece of ground anywhere. However I learned to love the landscape especially after we bought an old hand-made canoe. About this time I took up photography and we started exploring the Broads, putting a tent and some warm clothes in our leaky old canoe and setting off from Norwich, headed down river for the weekend.
Ben Fogle chose this because: 
It's evocative and moving. A beautiful winter's scene that makes you want to dive into the image. I find it surprisingly moving and breathtakingly beautiful. Canoeing is accessible to everyone. It requires no expertise. And, just like the National Parks, it's for everyone.
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