Thursday, 7 November 2013

Immigrants contribute to British society

From HOPE not hate by Elisabeth Pop:

“Britain must say 'no' to Eastern European workers, says Cameron” (The Telegraph, 28 Oct 2013)

“98% demand a ban on new migrants as thousands support our Crusade” (The “Crusade” launched by the Daily Express on 1 November to prevent a new surge of “Bulgarian and Romanian workers” to Britain has already gained 12,000 signatures)

“How do I claim benefits when I get to Britain? Romanians demand help from job agencies in the UK” (Daily Mail, 3 Nov 2013)

These are some of the daily instances in which political figures and the tabloid press use Eastern European migrants as (scapegoats) for many, if not all of the perceived ills in British society.

Hence, those rare occasions when professional, non-partisan research sheds some light and underlines the real facts behind the contribution of Eastern European migrants to this country, have to be signposted.

A new study by the University College London shows that recent immigrants are less likely to claim benefits and live in social housing than people born in Britain. 

Contrary to what the Government and populist parties and pressure groups would have you believe, this latest report shows that rather than being a "drain", European Economic Area (EEA - the EU plus Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein) migrants contribute three times more to British economy than they receive in benefits.

The study also discusses "benefit tourism" by EEA immigrants as being “disconnected from reality", confirming a recent European Commission study which has found that jobless EU migrants make up 1% of those claiming social benefits in EU member states and in the UK.

We know that over the next few months we have our work cut out in terms of myth busting over the Romanian and Bulgarian immigration, in view of their UK work restriction being lifted from 1 January 2014. But just as a heads up, Romanian migrants, who are part of this latest wave of EEA migration, find themselves pawns in a political and media strategy intended to shift British rhetoric and politics on immigration further to the right. 

According to compiled data from the ONS, DWP and British Labour Force Survey, more than 75% of Romanian citizens in the United Kingdom are aged 18-34, working full-time in skilled jobs or setting up their own businesses. They do not require access to social benefits, because their main reason to immigrate to the UK is to find a fairly paid job in line with their skills and work ethic. In fact, 95% of Romanians living in the UK are employed. Almost 40% have a university degree.


  1. So now Nick Lowles is attacking Cameron and the Tory newspapers via some leftist shrill..

    Why are you all so frightened to proudly fly your communist flags from your authoritarian websites?

  2. Because I am not a communist, nor particularly leftist or authoritarian.
    Why are you so frightened of immigrants working here legally when research shows they contribute so much to this country?

  3. "Anti Fascists" are supposed to be of no particular political persuasion, united as one in fighting extremists....(All extremists)....Which of course eliminates the UAF......The moment you lot started to target UKIP and now the Tories, your cover was blown as to what you really are....

    Hard left drifters, that have no place in this present century.....Hence you all hide behind the "anti Fascist" banner, and try and indoctrinate your poisonous ideology in a differing way..

  4. >"Anti Fascists" are supposed to be of no particular political persuasion, united as one in fighting extremists....(All extremists).<
    Who is making up these rules? I'm not. You seem rather anal, insisting on such regulations.
    It's more complicated and everyone has his or her own reasons for being anti-fascist and anti-racist.
    I am anti-racist because I believe it is morally wrong and cruel to discriminate against fellow human beings because of factors beyond their control - and that logic has led me to be anti-homophobe too, and to deplore those who pick on the weak and handicapped.
    I'm anti-fascist because WWII taught us where fascism leads.
    I am anti extremism because extremism so often ends in tears, whether it is religious nutters calling down death and hell fire on others or members of the EDL scrawling racist graffiti on war memorials and closing down our high streets for business on a Saturday..
    Not particularly political reasons, are they?

  5. Here we go then...Perfect story for you to include on this blog....Anti Semitism on the rise all over Europe, from the far right that you utterly detest, but also from members of the religion of peace that you and your ilk constantly hold up as the paragons of virtue.....This is what a genuine anti fascist blog looks like, study it well..