Thursday, 14 November 2013

No-one is illegal: busting myths tonight

Thursday, 14 November 2013


Congregation Hall 0.17

UEA Greens 2013/14 are very pleased to announce that they are hosting Jean Lambert MEP to give a talk on immigration at UEA on November 14th. 

Jean Lambert has been a Green Member of the European Parliament for London since 1999 and works on a number of issues including Migration, Climate Change and Human Rights. In 2005, she was named Justice and Human Rights MEP of the year and is currently the Green Party spokesperson on immigration issues. 

The talk will focus on busting the myths on immigration given in mainstream political discourse and offering a pro-immigrant alternative to the rhetoric heard in the right wing media and ever pervasive politics of UKIP. 

November 14th, 7pm, C. Hall 0.17. 

All welcome!


  1. If "no-one is illegal" then that means no borders across the world, and therefore there can be no society as such, as why would people pay into something that they could obtain elsewhere for free?

    It's Marxist bullshit that has failed in practise in every Country of which Nations have attempted to implement it...

    Good God this blog is a standing joke.

  2. Why not go along to the talk tonight to listen to Jean Lambert explain her position?
    I am, as I am interested and I would like to learn more about the subject, and perhaps ask questions in a reasonably civil manner, the way people in democracies do listen and think and question one another before reaching an opinion.
    So why don't you go too, listen, think and then put forward your point of view directly to Ms Lambert?
    Maybe then we could all learn something.
    But I do understand it must be easier for you to simply bluster and name-call from the safety of your own anonymity.

  3. Because I'm nowhere near Norwich at present...

    However, I was near London the other night and saw the after effects of this.....Although obviously it wont interest you at all..