Monday, 18 November 2013

Norfolk Humanists: "Good is Great"

The Norfolk Humanists were represented at the annual British Humanist Association GRAM meeting at the Institute of Education in London last Saturday.

The meeting was to encourage and support regional British Humanist groups. Here is David Warden of Plymouth Humanists who presented a slice of history of the Humanist movement.  

At least fifteen other regional groups were represented, including one member from Ipswich, and several from Cambridge.

BHA staff were present to talk about their work and research, and there were also presentations on side subjects such as Sunday Assemblies. Michael from Norwich Humanists (on the right) seems quite sceptical.

Representatives of affiliated organisations such as GALHA explained the processes that brought them to Humanism.

Humanist and LGTB groups mutually benefit from such affiliations, and Humanist groups are invited to march at Pride events - they can even apply to GALHA for their own banner!

It has to be acknowledged that our gathering was mainly "male and pale". Humanist groups needs more diversity!

Representatives from groups all over the country were able to network and share good ideas and best practices. Yes, it was a talking shop, but with focus and purpose.

The day was too short.

Interested? The Norfolk Humanists have a meeting in Norwich this Thursday 21st November @ 7.30pm in the Friends Meeting House, Upper Goat Lane with the Labour Party PCC, Clive Lewis.

Clive Lewis will be speaking on Education. 

Format: Introduction; 
15 minute break to chat followed by a 
Q&A session. 

We look forward to seeing you there.

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And please visit the Dorset Humanists' website that won an award at the BHA meeting - and GALHA.


  1. Amazing how many of them have got beards, in preparation for the time when they drop one of the "o"s from the title of "Good is great"...

  2. Why would anyone want to drop an "o"? It reads well just as it is.