Monday, 5 October 2009

BHM - Creative Writing Competition

From Black History Month site:


As part of our Black History celebration on Saturday 24th October 2009 we would like you to write to us, telling us if a black person has inspired you. They can be dead or alive, local or international i.e. either through music, sports, politics etc or someone you see as a role model. This person should be someone that has made a difference to your life and helped you to achieve your dreams and aspirations etc.

Rules for entry here.

All entries must be entirely the work of the author. All entrants must agree to all publicity including photographs.

Entries must include your name, age, and be no more than 1 A4 size paper.

There will be a prize for the most inspirational story and all entries will be displayed on the day and the winner(s) will have the opportunity to read their piece. Entries to be typed and submitted by email only Deadline is Friday 16th October 2009.

The competition will be split into the following categories:

•10-14 years old
•15- 19 years old
•20 years old and over

If you would like any further information about the competition or the event, please contact 07929 044 729 or email

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