Saturday, 3 October 2009

The BNP way

From HOPE not hate / Searchlight:

A brick through the window is a British way of showing displeasure according to the leader of the British National Party on Epping Forest District Council.

Pat Richardson’s remark follows a BNP campaign aimed at stirring up hate between local communities. A BNP leaflet distributed over summer headed “No mosques in Loughton” claimed ridiculously: “In parts of neighbouring Redbridge and east London the Islamification process is almost complete”.

Epping Forest BNP is obsessed with Muslims even though they form only 1% of the district’s population and there are no plans to build any mosque in Loughton. The BNP has built its campaign around the use of a room in Murray Hall, a community building, once a week for Muslim prayers.

Richardson’s readiness to resort to violence is not surprising as she learnt her politics from Tony Lecomber and Eddy Butler.

Lecomber, who lives in neighbouring Redbridge, was jailed for three years for possessing hand-grenades, detonators and bomb designs. Later he received another three-year sentence for beating up a Jewish school teacher with his gang of thugs.

Butler, who lives in Loughton, is now the BNP’s national organiser but in the 1990s he was one of a gang of BNP thugs who attacked a group of young people in east London. Butler smashed a young school teacher in the head with an iron bar causing serious injuries.

The BNP’s Islamophobic campaign has given rise to violence. After Stephen Murray, an independent councillor for Roding Valley ward, spoke out against the BNP leaflet and defended the right of local people to rent Murray Hall, he was attacked by a teenager who threatened to set his dog on him in a local recreation ground. “He was clearly a BNP supporter,” said Murray. “He was shouting pro BNP slogans at me. It was a clear threat.” Murray has also been attacked on local BNP-supporting websites.

by Sonia Gable


  1. What a load of old rubbish.

    Pat may, or may not, have known a nutter.

    Who in politics doesn't?


    One of our (Nulabour grown) feral youth, who disagreed with Stephen Murray, threatened to set their dog on him.

    Are these the reasons why no-one should vote BNP?

    You're the BNP's best campaigners.

  2. Hello, Willy.

    Seems to me that BNP councillor Pat Richardson is the nutter.

    She said "A brick through a window is a British method ... of showing displeasure", whereupon Mike Robinson of Lancashire wrote "Could you please publish her address so that those of us who wish to show our displeasure at her could do so in a manner of which she approves."