Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Whatever happened to Stephen Ames?


Stephen Ames, a Norwich car dealer and BNP activist, was spotted as one of Nick Griffin's 'minders' before and after the BBC's recent controversial Question Time television programme.

On the left there is a picture of Stephen Ames as he left court in 2001 following a conviction for harassing a former girlfriend.

On the right Ames as he was pictured by anti-fascists a few weeks ago. He was part of the welcome committee for the disgraced fake cleric, Robert West, the BNP candidate who was humiliated in the North Norwich by-election in July this year.

The change in eight years is startling; the photographs speak for themselves. Is this what BNP membership does to a person? Maybe it's the stress of constant disappointment.

Back in July when the three anti-BNP activists asked Robert West about his religious credentials, Stephen Ames went on the attack, saying that unless the HOPE not hate campaigners “fucked off” he would "headbutt" them.

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