Friday, 23 October 2009

Peaceful community campaigning November 7th

Forwarded by Sid Frisby, member of the NUJ and the Norfolk director of HOPE not hate:

Last night the BBC gave a fascist a platform on its flagship political programme. Nick Griffin used that platform to defend his friendship with the KKK, attack Muslims, and make disgusting statements about gay people. His platform is one of hate - and his odious views were exposed to millions.

Today I'm writing to get your help with a project that will stop the BNP in their tracks.

Over the past two months Hope not hate have been concentrating resources on three by-elections that we expected the BNP to win. We threw everything we had at them - and we stopped them getting elected. Every single time.

By getting huge numbers of people involved in local, face to face campaigning in the communities that the BNP target, we've exposed their lies. Quite simply - community campaigning works. And now we need to roll out this strategy nationally. On November 7th we'll be running our first National Action Day, with over 60 events taking place around the country. We will be using this weekend, which marks Remembrance Sunday, to remind voters about the true politics of the BNP. I need your help to make sure that it's a success - can you donate £5 to pay for 500 campaign leaflets?

Our supporters have already helped us achieve so much. In May you funded 500,000 eve of poll leaflets. In June, your support allowed us to run the Not in My Name campaign, which saw a petition of 92,000 names being handed in to the European Parliament. In August, our supporters donated money towards the crucial St Helens by-election in Barnsley. In September, you helped fund a leaflet telling 100,000 Londoners about Richard Barnbrook's lies.

Our campaign against the BNP would not happen if it was not for people like you, giving small sums to help us expose the BNP.

We're expecting an unprecedented level of activism on November 7th - so now we need to call on your help again to fund our national campaign day:

We've proven that our movement can be the difference between the BNP winning and losing. In a by-election in Barnsley last week we reduced the BNP's vote from 30% to 23% - we stopped them winning an election they thought they were destined to win. And the BNP vote fell from 30% to 18% in the South Oxhey by-election too.

This didn't happen by chance. It happened because people like you got involved to make the difference. Sid - with your help we'll take this strategy nationwide. We will be active and organised wherever the BNP stand - ready to expose their message of hate. Please donate £5 to pay for 500 campaign leaflets now:

Thank you for being involved. There has never been a more important time to make a stand for hope not hate.

Nick Lowles

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