Thursday, 3 December 2009

An anti-white guilt hatefest?


Next week the world's leaders will meet in Copenhagen to bang out a deal to counter the dangerous effects of climate change. It's a critical moment for all of us - and it's one that Nick Griffin is hell-bent on ruining. Griffin is attending the climate summit. He's said that he's going to expose the "somewhat dodgy" evidence surrounding climate change. It's important that the Copenhagen representatives know that Griffin doesn't speak for the UK. I've written a letter to all of the representatives at Copenhagen - the people that really matter - denouncing Griffin and the BNP, and urging the need for a comprehensive deal. And Reader, I want you to sign it too.

It'll only take a moment or so but it's important that we all act together:

The BNP claim that climate change is a "global Marxist mantra" designed to "impose a one world government." It gets even worse. The BNP's website currently describes the Copenhagen Summit as:
an anti-white guilt hatefest which will see billions more taxpayers' cash poured into the Third World.
We can't let their words gain an ounce of credibility - that's why it's so important that thousands of people rebut the BNP's vile lies wherever and whenever they're spread.

With your help, we'll show the world that Griffin doesn't represent us.

You can do that right now by signing my letter:

When you see Griffin on the TV or in the media I want you to think about why he's there. It's not because there was a mass outpour of support for his vile policies. It's because people didn't turn out to vote. And Reader - we're the solution to that - wherever Hope not Hate campaigns we always massively increase the anti-BNP vote. Griffin will be standing in Barking in the General Election. I'll be in contact soon with ways you can make sure he doesn't win a seat in Westminster. But for the moment, please sign my letter - and join us in standing up to the BNP.

Thanks, Nick (Lowles)

of HOPE not hate

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