Monday, 21 December 2009

Nick Griffin begins the Battle for Barking

A billboard arises in Barking, signalling the beginning of Nick Griffin's campaign for election to Westminster.

The poster has a built-in obsolescence. It will be out of date in five days time. It does not have even a week's relevance.

The BNP was apparently late in posting the billboard, and inefficient in choosing the message. If it had been 'Happy Holidays' it would have remained current for longer, but of course that inoffensive sentiment is bitter poison to the BNP, who regard it as personally offensive 'pc'.

The messages 'Happy New Year' or 'All the best for 2010' would have a longer shelf-life, but would be seen as kow-towing to political correctness, and the BNP can't have that.

I wonder how much billboard space for five days actually costs the long-suffering membership of the BNP?

But let me not be a Scrooge at Christmas. It's not my money being wasted by Nick Griffin on grandiose self-promotion.


Why are the BNP people under the billboard so glum?

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