Friday, 4 December 2009

Rupy jumps on Sunday!

From HOPE not hate:

Gandhi once said,

We are the change we seek in the world.
If you are proud to be British then I believe that you should stand against fascism.

I am doing a skydive in aid of Searchlight and HOPE not hate. As you can see on this website, their work is vital to stop such parties from becoming mainstream.

This jump is a major thing for me. A few weeks ago I thought I could never participate in such extreme sports but I can!

It would be awesome to know that people are supporting me and this cause so get your hands in your pockets ... by doing so you’ll be making a positive difference in the world.



Hello everybody!!

Let me start off with really exciting news – we’re over the £1500 online total mark!!! Wow weeeeee….I don’t know about you but I’m doing a happy dance right now.

Let me tell you even more exciting news – we would have never, ever, not in ONE MILLION years, have reached that total if it wasn’t for you! If I was with you right now I would be giving you a HUGE pat on the back…but I’m not so I do hope everybody is patting themselves on the back. Well done!!!

This is not bad at all and we used modern technology and communication to make this happen – our own networks, Facebook, Twitter, Emails and Text!!

Now according to the HOPE not Hate countdown I have 001 Days, 03 hours, 27 minutes and 45 seconds until I leap from the air 14,500ft high!! Yikes! I have never done anything like this before and once again I am asking you for your amazing support.

Do something simple today and post this link on your profile . .

….or tweet it….or text people the address…or email it. It doesn’t matter how you do it as long as we’re raising awareness about the HOPE not Hate campaign.

Today I’m whizzing around like a balloon that is losing its air and am preparing for the weekend. I’m off to the lakes tomorrow and then am JUMPING on Sunday! EEK!! If I can contact you tomorrow I shall do my upmost but if not I shall let you know how my leap goes.

Thank you all once again and keep up the good work!!!

Rupy :o) xxx

P.S. let’s pray for a bit of sun for Sunday!!

By Rupy Kaur
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