Thursday, 10 December 2009

Your signature against Nick Griffin of the BNP

Dear Reader,

Right now, representatives are locked in discussions hammering out practical measures to tackle climate change. But Griffin is still trying to smear the process with claims this weekend that "vested interests" are promoting the "climate change theory" and that the solutions to climate change are "as deadly as anything conceived by Stalin or Mao."

We can't let Griffin get away with this - and I need your help to rally thousands more to my letter. We're hoping to have 15,000 signatures before we send our letter, we have 11,000 already, and I need your help to make this goal.

We've set up a tool on our website that will let you do this - and it should take you less than a minute.

On the morning after Griffin got elected, I promised myself that I'd oppose him wherever and whenever he reared his head. His role as an MEP has given him a platform at this important Conference - but with your help we can take this away and make sure that the entire Summit knows that he doesn't speak for us. Please take a moment to invite your friends to stand with us by signing my letter and help us reach our ambitious goal of 15,000 signatures:

It's really easy and only takes a couple of minutes - but if we all act together we can contact tens of thousands of people and make a real difference.

Griffin and the BNP will use every opportunity they get to build momentum and prestige. Which is why it's so important we stand up to him when we can.

Reader - you're part of the movement that will stop Griffin becoming an MP next year. It's a fight we can and must win. But right now, I need your help to throw another road block in Griffin's path - please invite your friends to join us.


Nick Lowles of Hope not hate

PS If you have already signed, click here to find other ways to help:

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