Thursday, 1 April 2010

Sweet and sour at the Cherry Tree?

From HOPE not hate:

Having remained mysteriously silent over potentially explosive and damaging revelations dogging his party over the past 24 hours, Nick Griffin is expected to be on the back foot tonight while addressing BNP candidates in the Cherry Tree pub in Wood Lane, Dagenham.
Allegedly with a larger entourage of men in black than usual, Griffin will probably be trying to shake a few more quid out of his shell-shocked minions.

Let's hope the notorious hard-drinking Barking and Dagenham BNP councillors and Parliamentary candidates avail themselves of the local taxi firms, because it is the men in blue who are allegedly paying greater attention to the activities of BNP members.

By Sam King

Norfolk Unity gives much more on the interesting developments cautiously hinted at abovc, which you can find described here.


  1. Hello from Ukraine !

    I have read much of your topics, you have the good Blog, very nice to the eye, and very interesting information.

    I mean no offence to you, and I do not know the mind of this party BNP, but, are they not just trying to undo the damage that British Governments have done for maybe 40 years ? Are they not at least trying to do something, anything to stop the cancer ?

    United Kingdom was once a fine and beautiful nation, proud, strong, today it is the comic of the earth, and I read that in the next 20 years at least 8 million true British people will have left it, simply because they cannot stand its destruction any longer ! Do you not see it ? Do you even care ? Do you have the degree in disillusionment ? !

    Sorry, but all such fresh in my mind at moment, and, time is running out for the true British people and their way of life !



  2. Hello Marina, thanks for your interest, which you say comes all the way from the Ukraine.

    Almost six million Brits have moved abroad for the excitement of travel, for better career or personal advancement opportunities, or simply to retire in the sun. 800,000 Brits are retired to Spain, for example.

    Isn't the freedom to travel and work abroad a wonderful thing?