Wednesday, 9 July 2014

East Anglian EDL Update

From a secret source:

Oh dear,things not going too well for the local EDL.

Richard Bilvo > EDL - Ipswich Division
Morning all...
Couple of things to get out there.
Firstly, thank you to those who bothered to attend
Saturdays East Anglian meet and greet, including newbie
Shaun Molloy who traveled down alone from Norwich
and Alf Polwin of Peterborough division who also
traveled solo.
To those who messaged and said could not attend,
again thank you.
For those who said they would be there, and for what
ever reason didn't show without a word, where were
To the other 150 or so members who read their
messages with details of the meet and could not be
even bothered to send a reply, WAKE UP!!
It has been said that no one expects people to be able
to make every demo or event, even our chairman can
not do that.
But some just seem to be sitting about, waiting for
others to do things and then have EDL on their
Facebook and look good over it.
Of course there are a few who can not make any events,
due to health, work, family etc....but there are still
things you can do.
Posting links, writing letters, spreading the word, but
some can not even be bothered with that.
There was important news coming out at the meeting,
concerning TWO of our divisions.
With this in mind, people who can not even be bothered
to be active on here, will start to vanish. There is no
point having 100's of members, when only a small
percentage ever do things.
We are looking at blanketing towns and cities with
leaflets shortly, so anyone wishing to help with this,
please do get in touch.
Travel information regarding forthcoming demos will
also be online soon.
Other plans may be put on hold, depending on
response from another division.


Poor old Dickie Bilvo, but he's not the only one of the demoralised EDL:

EDL Ipswich Division Fan Page hasn't had a post since December 2013
East Anglian Patriots haven't posted since May
EDL Norfolk last posted in January and is advertising a demo long gone
(EDL) is no longer available
East Anglian EDL Blog & Radio Show  plumbs new depths of giggling, umming and erring ineptitude

EDL (English Disco Lovers), East Anglian Discovision, however, is still going strong

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