Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Britain First chased out of Stevenage by Royal Anglian Regiment

From EDL News by Gary Hasting:

There is fresh embarrassment for paramilitary fascist organisation, Britain First, after they tried to hijack a Freedom of the Town ceremony dedicated to the Royal Anglian Regiment and were marched out of the town this afternoon.

The regiment marched through Stevenage after returning from a tour of Afghanistan and were being honoured by locals when Britain First turned up and started handing out their hate literature.

According to eyewitnesses, a couple of Anglian marchers told the leafletters in no uncertain terms where to go, then it all got a bit heated and one Britain First activist was given a slap. Soon afterwards two large men took their leaflets off them and told them to sling their hook.

A Facebook user asked Britain First what happened today on their Facebook page but the post was deleted.

Last week the Anglians politely asked Britain First to remove their photos from their Facebook page, Britian First refused and deleted their request without replying.

Britain First have spent the last few weeks raising money for Christian extremist and Britain First founder, Jim Dowson, by setting up stalls that look identical to Help for Heroes and pocketing cash people thought was going to Armed Forces Charities.

Last February a WWII veteran took them to task when they were caught scamming pensioners in Eastbourne. Story here and video here.

With thanks to Exposing Britain First

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