Friday, 11 July 2014

NEW FACTS on UK Immigration

– not fear and hate fuelled fiction

From Hope not hate, by Elisabeth Pop: 

The employment rate and pay of the UK-born working-age population was practically unchanged by the immigration of Central and European workers since 2004.

This is the conclusion of the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) who was asked in May 2013 by the Minister for Immigration to advise on the issue of low-skilled work immigration, the factors driving it and the resulting economic and social impacts.

MAC’s findings – an independent, non-departmental public body - come as a new slap in the face of populist, anti-immigration politicians who despite overwhelming evidence still claim that Britain is being invaded by foreigners taking jobs from British people and of a tabloid media set on an agenda of legitimising and reinforcing these myths and sometimes plain falsehoods.

The finding of the report published this week, which brings to light yet more facts on the positive impact of sustained migration to the UK, have either been massively underreporting or blatantly misreported.

The infographics below detail these findings and thus address hand-on the xenophobia we unfortunately encounter every day in the media, in the political rhetoric and in our communities.

- Migrants not a drain, but net contributors

 - Immigrants do not take jobs from British workers

- Migrants do the jobs we do not want or cannot do

- British and migrant workers are equally at risk of exploitation and abuse

- Government’s “benefits tourism” is a myth

- Blaming migrants will not solve the ills in our economy and society

HOPE not hate will continue to ensure that facts and real stories on UK immigration are the ones informing the public debate, and not the fear and hate fuelled fiction that some understand to use to divide our diverse communities for political gains.

We will continue to work in and with our settled and new communities to ensure that HOPE brings us together around the Britain we want to live in – a modern, inclusive one.

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