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Norwich LGBT Pride and Why we need it still

From bubblews by Katy J, &katyjon:

The 6th Norwich Pride is today! And it still matters, because one should be able to just go out without having to hide, repress or 'come out' everywhere you go. Because it reminds us of the freedoms we have won, and the many still to win. Because homophobic and transphobic hate crimes still happen.

Because it demonstrates beyond our British shores that we are a safe(r) space for LGBTIQ+ people, whether asylum seekers persecuted for their gender/sexuality or those in other countries needing hope and a reminder that the path to freedom and human rights via protest and petitioning may be long, even dangerous, but is worth it.

Photo of Norwich Pride 2013 by Ruski
Pride is a day to be visible in order to give courage to those wondering how to come out, first to themselves and then to friends, family and society.

Pride is a day to be proud of who you are, of who you love, of your freedom to be...

...yourself, one day we won't need all the letters of LGBTI... ...2AAAAAAABCCCCDEFGGGGGGG HHHHHHHHHHHIKLMMMMNNN OOOPPPPPPQQSSSSTTTTTTUUU or LGBT+/LGBTIQ*, instead we'll be celebrating human rights, identities and freedoms, but for now, at least, minority sex and gender identities still need protection, support and celebration.

Norwich Pride events schedule (26 July):
2pm Parade from Chapelfield but many events from earlier including from 10am in Fusion tackling LGBTphobia in schools, the opening ceremony with Vince Laws' Umbrellas of Love (just back from the Commonwealth Games), the Lord Mayor and Poppy-Rose at 10:30am outside the Forum, CN Lester giving the Natasha Curson trans memorial talk and discussion in the Curve at 11am on "Beyond a fringe issue: Why everyone should care about trans rights", Pride Question Time with CN, veteran gay rights activist Peter Tatchell & LGBT in schools campaigner and educator Elly Barnes at;id=319f964bbe

Full programme:

Report on London Pride 2014

Why we need Pride (2013 response to a Channel 4 Pause 4 Thought broadcast)

© Katy Jon Went  (copied with permission)

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