Monday, 3 May 2010

The BNP has barmy ideas

From Vote No to the BNP:

Ok this is a phrase we have more than likely all heard the British National Party (BNP) Leadership (Nick Griffin), Members and Supporters use quite a lot, particularly in the case of Nick Griffin who in everyone of his European Parliment Speeches so far has made reference to the New World Order Global Governance.

So what is this New World Order Global Governance exactly? Simply put it is a conspiracy theory that has been around for many years now, and is supposedly made up of several different groups all tasked with carrying out certain jobs around the world in order to pave the way for this single one World Government or New World Order Global Governance, now there are many sites out there that you can find out more information about the subject but I will try to enlighten you hear just to get you started.

The New World Order Global Governance plot has apparently been in existence sine the late 30’s where by a group called the Bilderberg Group was set up to start the process of building this New World Order, and since then many other groups have been added all tasked with creating certain parts of the New World Order.

These include, the creation of all disasters around the world including Famine, The current banking and credit crisis, the world wide economic slump has also been engineered by the New World Order masters and apparently the terrorist group Al Qaeda has never existed it was all a front so that the US and UK Governments could plan terror attacks around the world in order to scare the population into accepting this New World Order Global Governance programme.

Now Barrack Obama Americas first black President is also part of this conspiracy he has apparently been groomed, manipulated and trained for the last 30 years in order to take the office as President of the USA to enable the “True Masters” to put into action the final stage of the New World Order Programme, this plan also involved former PM Tony Blair and current PM Gordon Brown who according to the conspiracy theorists are members of the Bilderberg Group and where put in place to enact the British end of this New World Order Global Governance programme which is apparently designed to take control of the worlds finances by controlling the new World Bank and setting all the worlds currency values and exchange rates etc.

Now it seems that according to the conspiracy theorists that both Blair and Brown have so far failed in their mission, so a new UK leader now has to be put in place in order to get the job done and that leader is David Cameron.

The Conservative Party leader has apparently (according to the conspiracy theorists) been inducted into the Bilderberg group to win the next election (which apparently they have already fixed) and then go on to enact the British end of the plan.

It seems strange to me that as soon as the Labour lead in the polls starts to slide the conspiracy theory has to shift it’s gears to run with what is likely to happen in the next election, because Brown has lost voter appeal there suddenly has to be a replacement of course selected by the New World Order masters, and the obvious choice is David Cameron because of the normal pattern in British politics the power shifts between the Labour and Conservatives and this time it’s the Conservatives time to take the job on, so the New World Order conspiracy theory has adapted to now include David Cameron as the UK end of the programme.

Now you would think this all sounds a bit mad, and you’d be correct it is ridiculous to think that the so called New World Order master haven’t managed to achieve their goals in over 70 years but apparently it has been part of the plan all along to take this long to get the New World Order running, yet none of the believers actually know who the exact members are or when the ultimate plan is supposed to be ready and running.

Now we have a political party in the British National Party (BNP) (and to a smaller degree the UK Independence Party UKIP) who are so entrenched in the believe that this New World Order Global Governance organisation actually exists that Nick Griffin MEP and BNP Chairman uses every opportunity he can to mention the so called New World Order.

Firstly just to back up my comments about Nick Griffin and mentions of the New World Order in the European Parliment here is a video of his latest speech on Climate Change, in which he clearly says that it is all made up by the New World Order leaders to a. Get in extra taxes and b. pave the way for the next phase of the New World Order.

This next video shows just how mad the conspiracy theories are, as this one now attempts to group all the conspiracy groups into one big group that controls the New World Order, including claiming the Al’ Qaeda doesn’t exist and that it was made up as part of the New World Order.

It claims London is the centre for the Worlds Financial Control.

I love this, in the above video it also claims a “hidden hand” controlling the New World Order, damn lol this stuff makes you laugh, but there is a serious side to this that the BNP 100% believe this stuff, so by watching these videos you will find out exactly what the BNP believes in, and then I hope you will question whether they are seriously worth voting for.

NEXT: Part 2 of the above video, which now claims that police officers are implanted with chips in order to control them into carrying out the orders of the New World Order Masters:

So now our emotions are used against us by the New World Order, because the people running it are setting up all the famine, terror attacks and everything bad in the world because it triggers your emotions so that they can retain control over you. Damn this stuff is mad, but remember every time you here the British National Party (BNP) make references to this New World Order Global Governance this this exactly what they are talking about, they truly believe in this stuff. I’m not making this up ask any BNP Supporter or member about the NWO and they will swear it’s all true.

NEXT: Part 3 of the above video, now they have technology that can hold off any weapon that the people may use against them to try and remove the New World Under Global Governance.

As you have heard now the plan is to Micro Chip the entire planet to retain control under this New World Order Global Governance, but again remember the British National Party (BNP) SERIOUSLY believe in this New World Order, and they want us the sane population of the United Kingdom to vote for them?

I think that’s enough for now, I don’t want your minds to explode with all the BS in these videos.

But I hope I have enlightened you to the real BNP ideas and what they do believe in, the New World Order Global Governance and this is what the BNP believe in, the conspiracy theory that never seems to actually end, I have also seen one video that also claims that the Bible was written in order to start the process of the New World Order.

By editors of Vote No to the BNP


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