Friday, 7 May 2010

Nick Griffin concedes defeat

From HOPE not hate:

The results have not been declared but I understand Nick Griffin has conceded defeat in Barking. Nationally, the BNP has performed badly, a mixture of being squeezed by the mainstream parties, a strong anti-BNP campaign and internal infighting within their own ranks.

Obviously there is still the local elections to count tomorrow but the omens do not look good for the BNP. I understand that the BNP is likely to lose all its councillors in Sandwell and Chris Beverley is likely to lose his seat in Morley South.

By Nick Lowles


Results are still being declared, but there are no signs of any significant BNP breakthrough so far.

In Norfolk only Norfolk South has declared so far:

Norfolk South

Richard Bacon Conservative27,13349.3+5.2
Jacky Howe Liberal Democrat16,19329.4-1.3
Mick Castle Labour7,25213.2-9.0
Evan Heasley UK Independence Party2,3294.2+1.4
Helen Mitchell British National Party1,0862.0+2.0
Jo Willcott Green1,0001.8+1.8

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